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Up-flandering, up-flanderizing or simply "up-flanderization" or simply known as "Bad Updates", is a trend on certain websites where they start to undergo updates and keep them going until it goes downhill. Often times, these are often times covered up via lies or excuses, often times to sympathize the userbase or backlash them. Often times in the aftermath, these can either stay good or either fall out of business.

Most of the time, they can range from redesigns that often times suit more for smartphones than desktops, or basically trying too hard to compete with other websites. Often times, this is done to try to make cheap money for their businesses or try way too hard to be cash cowing. Other times, it can also show that they turn from an consumer-based business to a more business/professional friendly zone, with mostly removing things well-favored by their userbase.

The name has been derived from Flanderization, a trope on Terrible TV Shows.

Made-up example is this;

  • ExampleWeb in 2010: Good website with good services and helpful customer support alongside pro-consumer practices.
  • ExampleWeb in 2016: Trash and greedy website with horrible customer support alongside anti-consumer practices.


  • ImageShack was famous for this, turning themselves premium only and then removing images and then replacing them with ads.
  • Vyond is currently the largest contender to this trope, having removed many things and made a lot of updates that the userbase tried to revolt against, such as when Comedy World was discontinued.
  • YouTube (post-2013) started to go through this in 2016 with drama like Adpocalypse and other stuff. Unlike ImageShack, it's still a viable website. Some bad updates that they did were removing annotations and Video Editor, as well as requiring users to have a Google+ account (prior to 2016).
  • Photobucket became another contender for up-flandering in 2017 with the P500 error, where users have to pay additional fees for public images without the use of extensions or mods. It was only a matter of time for the website's downfall.
  • DeviantArt is trying to work on a redesign called DeviantArt Eclipse, which removes things like categories and journal skins and also comes with poor optimization. Also, in terms of design it looks as if they're trying to piggy-back on ArtStation.




26 months ago
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FANDOM is the worst offender.


24 months ago
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Along with Amino


18 months ago
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Even games are up-flanderized, like Angry Birds Go!

Disney also suffered up-flanderizations, like remaking its old movies just to cash cow on the consumers' pockets. Everyone felt betrayed that this wasn't the Disney they know and love back then in the 20th Century.


4 months ago
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Warcraft 3 reforged also suffers up-flanderization

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