Ugly Tub

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Ugly website is more like it.

Ugly Tub is the former name of a website by a company going by the name BathMagic based in Ohio. The company focuses on replacing and repairing old bathrooms at a fraction of the price normally used.

While the company does its goals well nowadays, it's initial website design left a lot to be desired.

Why the website design is rotten initially

  1. Poor color coordination.
  2. Hard to read fonts, including Comic Sans.
  3. Low-quality images.
  4. Limiting frames that minimize the site to a small window of the screen.
  5. Poor choice of images as well as it did not seem professional.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They overhauled the website to a much more professional cleaner design.
  2. Easier to read fonts are now added.
  3. Higher quality images.