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Typosquatting, is where you take an name, throw in a typo, and make it a thing. They are often used to link to scams or malware.


  • The website "goggle.com" was related to the malware SpySheriff as noted by the YouTube video. As noted, it has been excluded by the Wayback Machine and today it resembles a scam site for free items.
  • "agor.io" was a screamer that had Jeff the Killer tiled on the entire page.

Why It's Rotten

  • It's often used to troll people, and sometimes download malware as well, especially to phish people's data.
  • Why typosquat stuff in order to make something look cool? It always makes it worse.
  • Because they are usually simple typos, people could unintentionally visit one of these sites if they commit the same typo.


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