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His name expresses his personality very well.

Tyler Malka (known as Evilore on his site) is the owner of the infamous Internet video game forum NeoGAF.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He's a massive hypocrite, once he admitted his forum’s toxicity and stated that discussion should be encouraged with different points of view. Yet he did nothing to improve his forum.
    • On his site, during the Gamergate consumer revolt, users are frequently banned for criticizing Anita Sarkeesian. After the heat of the movement died down, however, Malka made this post.
    • Constantly accuse Gamergate of being a harassment movement while having no qualms of being sexist himself[1] and harassing other women.
  2. He's also into revenge porn: once he helped leak nude photos of the girlfriend of a member of a rival forum known as Opa-Ages[2].
  3. Turned NeoGAF into his personal echo chamber.
  4. Encourages "listen and believe" mentality by pulling off mass bannings on his forum.
  5. When amir0x was convicted, Malka made a damage control post with its comments disabled, trying his best to distance himself with amir0x[3]. He then order his mods to censor all discussions of amir0x. It was later found out that Malka tried to bury amir0x’s story is due to how he doesn’t want his dirty past be exposed.
  6. He's very immature and childish at times.
  7. Allows pedophiles to run free on his website.
  8. Bans numerous topics on his forum, while allowing racists to speak freely.
  9. He's also a sexual-harasser:
    1. In 2012, he harassed a woman in Spain and bragged about it[4], then banned anyone who called him out[5].
    2. Eventually in 2017, film director Ima Leupp accusing Evilore of undressing and entering the shower with her uninvited while the two were on a trip together in New Orleans, Louisiana [6]. NeoGAF mods tried their best in damage controlling the situation, but they found that the whole incident is too big to cover up, so they resigned and fled the site en mass.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He defended TotalBiscuit from toxic Social Justice Warriors and haters after the latter's passing on May 24, 2018.
  2. He seemed to have a change of mind recently as he is currently trying to ease the conflict between GG and SJWs.

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