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"A new wave of feminism is here, and its most powerful weapon is the hashtag."

Nisha Chittal, MSNBC

Twitter has brought drastic changes to modern social activism, news were spread more quickly, voices can be heard more easily and rallying are no longer limited by locations. However, as people's rights improved, activism's depth became shallower and shallower than ever. All of this combined spawned Twitter Feminism, A.K.A online feminism, third-wave feminism and feminazism, arguably the most abominable form of feminism to date.

Why Most of Them are Rotten

  1. First of all, if your problems can be solved by a simple hashtag, then most likely your problem is not a major one.
    • Modern day feminism is known for putting the cart in front of the horse, many spent their times trying to get fashion companies to develop more products for obese women while half way around the world (especially in third-world countries), millions of women are malnourished, under-educated, or simply treated as property.
    • The most likely cause for the aforementioned phenomenon is that most feminists today are more interested in personal gain than actual activism. Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu are notable examples.
  2. Double standards, #NotAllWomen and #YesAllMen shows this.
  3. Misandry, besides #YesAllMen, there's also #MaleTears and #KillAllMen, as well as concepts like "mansplaining" (according to them, it's when a man explains something to a woman in a condescending, overconfident, and often inaccurate or oversimplified manner), "manspreading" (according to them, when men sit with their legs wide apart, usually in the subway) and "street harassment"(exaggerated, of course).
  4. The hypocrisy of all feminists combined will most likely outweigh the Seawise Giant, the most common instance is when they mock the concept of misandry while they're literally living examples of it and they also insult men in their faces while whining about being the oppressed all the time.
  5. Besides female members of the movement, there are also male feminists, or rather, feminist's male allies. They are notorious for producing sex offenders.
  6. Most feminists blame their incompetence on "patriarchy" (a concept even they themselves cannot define clearly), despite the fact that many of them spend their times on gender studies courses, which most others will agree, is the one of the most useless subjects in college since the Professional Formation in Tauromachia (bullfighting) that was tried to be implemented in Murcia.
    • Some like Sargon of Akkad will claim that what feminism's actually against is meritocracy, because he believes that history has proven that patriarchy is the more productive system; and by the fact that many feminist activities (such as gender studies and hashtag movements) demand little to no effort from themselves.
  7. Many feminists barge into various fields (most of which they have little to no knowledge of) and demand changes to be made according to their usually warped standards.
    • In gaming, there's Sarkeesian, arguably one of the most incompetent and hypocritical critics of all time.
    • In comics, there're various incidents like #ChangeTheCover, where feminists complained about how Batgirl was restrained by Joker and turned from a heroine into a victim. This is a notable case of double standards as there are various Batman covers where the featured hero was stuck in dilemma.
      • Then there's Milo Manara's Spider-Woman variant cover, which received criticism from feminists and S.J.Ws complaining about how Spider-Woman's pose and skin-tight outfit is "sexual objectification". This is also blatant double standards as Spiderman himself is also drawn in similar poses and skin-tight outfits were extremely common among superheroes, both male and female.
    • Then there's humanity's future: Science. Back in 2014, we had #Shirtstorm, where scientist Matt Taylor was criticized for a shirt featuring sexy women he wore during his interview (Matt Taylor just helped LAND A PROBE ON A COMET FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY, and all feminists did was act like stereotypical women and pay more attention on his clothes than his achievements). Matt was hounded by an online hate mob for 2 days before he was forced to apologize and was literally reduced to tears while doing so. Even then The Verge still wouldn't forgive him, as if ruining the best day of Matt's career wasn't enough...
      • Well, at least Matt Taylor KEPT HIS JOB. Unlike Sir Timothy Hunt, a BRITISH KNIGHT and a NOBEL PRIZE WINNER, who was sacked just because he made a joke about women.
  8. It's also a movement based on favoritism instead of equality, while it's the standard for feminists to focus more on female-related issues, many of them nowadays will show complete disregard towards male issues (like prostate cancer and higher suicide rate) or outright claim that male issues should NOT even be discussed (thus befitting the title of "Femi-Nazis").
    • Thanks to that, this form of feminism is created a culture of Obsessive Anti-Feminists, a group so disillusioned of what feminism is shown as to the point that those think feminism was always a mistake, and some will say that feminism, whether the modern twisted form, or the past feminism that actually avocated for gender equality, was always built on and backed by the concept of misandry. In other words instead of ending misogyny, they've only helped to keep it alive.
  9. Even worse is that despite their ridiculousness and hypocrisy, the mainstream media takes them very seriously and sometimes even supports them.
  10. The Triggering was created as a result of extreme feminism and political correctness on Twitter in order to call them out.
  11. Ironically, despite being against harassment, they harassed Ruby Rose for not being Jewish to play Batwoman which led her to deleting her Twitter account.
  12. Their actions have caused some women to actually feel ashamed of their gender.

The Only Redeeming Quality.

  1. There still exist sensible and pro-equality feminists like Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Anna Paglia, meaning that there's still hope for the once positive movement.
  2. It should be noted that these feminists don't speak for women and there are women that despise third wave feminism.







8 months ago
Score 6
Twitter in general is a cesspit, composed of so many people who believe they should be heard and that their comments matter and anyone who opposes their views will be silenced by a mouse click. If you think that all of the world's problems could be solved thru Twitter, you might as well just bash your head with a brick until you say otherwise.


7 months ago
Score 2
Yeah, that’s why I quit Twitter yesterday


7 months ago
Score 2
Funny thing is that I can watch the videos that are there AT SCHOOL even though the school WiFi doesn’t let me watch YouTube videos XD


5 months ago
Score 3

I actually told a woman about the Mattress Girl thing, and she herself said she felt ashamed to be a woman. I have even seen other comments from women feeling this shame because of third wave feminism.

I tell them all this, "You shouldn't feel ashamed about your gender. You should speak out and make it clear that feminists don't speak for you."

Hyperus the Zeraora

one month ago
Score 0


Hell, I watch Troublem4kor on DeviantArt, who makes really good anti-political correctness posters.


3 days ago
Score 0
I hate this. Kill all men has taken over tiktok, which is the reason it became bad now. I used to love tiktok, until SJW took over


2 days ago
Score 0
That's why I don't bear ill will towards obsessive anti-feminists. I don't agree with them but with third wave feminists doing the stuff they do, it's no wonder they became the way they are.

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