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"People seem to think that Twitter is important. It's just people's opinions, and opinions are like arseholes: everyone has one!" ― James Blunt

"Trust nobody, Keep my shit lowkey, My circle is getting smaller everyday." - Typical Twitter user.
Type of site: News, social networking service
Language: Multilingual
Created by: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams
Date of launch: July 15, 2006
Status: Active

Twitter is a San Francisco based online news and social networking site where registered users post and interact with messages known as "tweets".

Twitter was founded on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams.

Why Its Business Is Rotten

  1. Being one of the largest social websites on the planet, the user base of Twitter can only be described as a mixed bag. While there are peaceful and reasonable people, there are also various of really nasty and scummy people, including: toxic fanbases, arrogant millennials, porntards, insane vegans, fetishists, trolls, SJWs and alt-righters using "anti-SocJus" to justify their bigotry, fanatical feminists, Anitwitter, BLM thugs (who also call the NRA "a terrorist organization"), and many others. There are even recruitment accounts for ISIS.
    • There is also some accounts involving Child pornography. No kidding, there are some accounts with minors that really do that, which is ILLEGAL.
  2. A former problem with Twitter is its character limit: it used to be 140 but has now doubled (except for Chinese, Japanese and Korean). Unless you make multiple tweets or use sites like TwitLonger, this can limit your methods of expression.
  3. Like most other social media, some parts of Twitter's content is rubbish. According to a research carried out by Pear Analytics in 2009 observing 2,000 tweets, up to 40% of the tweets consist of "pointless babble".
  4. They are one of the sites that can shadowban regardless of who tells you otherwise. Unlike most Shadowbans, it does not directly make its victim's tweets invisible, but makes them invisible anywhere other than their profile.
  5. Another issue is biased moderation, as sometimes controversial topics can get you banned for "hate speech" whereas actual hate speech, death threats and other actually bad things face no consequences. Examples:
    • A notable example is when Milo Yiannopoulos criticized Ghostbusters 2016 regarding how Leslie Jones' character being a stereotypical black woman and a racist character, he got banned for "racism", as predictable as it is.
    • Twitter also saw it fit to ban a guns right activist just for posting a photo of her holding dual pistols, while completely ignoring other users sending her death threats.
    • Recently Twitter has finally admitted that they were shadowbanning users who support Donald Trump.
    • Another example is when Candace Owens changed all mentioning of "white" in one of Sarah Jeong's tweet to "Jewish" to show people just how racist Jeong is, Twitter responded by shutting down Owens' account for 12 hours while leaving Jeong's account untouched.
  6. Twitter is also arguably part of feminism's downfall, which now creates a situation where feminists spend most of their time complaining about extremely petty and unimportant issues while being as obnoxious and hypocritical as they can be. Such as one reviewer having a meltdown on twitter over Dead Or Alive 3.
  7. Like most other social media, Twitter has the side effect of creating a hive mind thinking environment where people base their opinions on those of others.
  8. They unverify people due to having opposing politics.
  9. Because of their constant censorship spree, they are facing several lawsuits over this.
  10. They banned one user for reporting several pedophile rings on their own site.
  11. Fans use it to send authors they dislike death threats and mean messages. Rarely do these fans get punished. One time they harassed a porn actress to the point she committed suicide.
  12. NSFW art of your favorite shows, anime, video games, etc. can easily be found via tags for them, even if that's not what you are looking for.
  13. They also suspended many users for vague reasons, notably Pyrocynical, IHE and NFKRZ.
  14. They suspended Etika's account only 2 months after he committed suicide.
  15. Their new layout is bad.
  16. Twitter admits that posts will be hidden if the right accounts block you, along with following the wrong accounts.
  17. Really annoying hashtag games to the point none of them make any sense whatsoever.
  18. The screen name "Elon Musk" will be locked by Twitter.
  19. They suspended Republican Austin Petersen for using recommended content. On Twitter.
  20. They suspend pro patriotism, Christian and gun-related accounts.
  21. They ignored Peter Fonda's death threat tweets.
  22. They forced two-factor authentication onto every new account.
  23. Twitter is a breeding ground for whiny soccer moms, whether they are SJWs who constantly demand political correctness in their entertainment (regardless of whether they consume it) or religious nut-jobs who freak out over LGBT representation in kids' media.
  24. In August of 2018, they purged the followers of many innocent users.
  25. They made the mistake of crediting Ninja Theory, the developers of DMC: Devil May Cry, as the developers of Devil May Cry 5 even though it is made by the original team.
  26. Twitter seems to allow misandrists to get away with their extreme hate for men, while misogynists get their accounts suspended very quickly.
  27. They are considering removing the Like button in the near future to "incentivize healthy conversation".
  28. The users there make up lies, such as that VeggieTales and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving are racist (VeggieTales has no mentions of race, while Charles Schultz actually fought tooth-and-nail to get Franklin into the strips), the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" promotes rape (it's just a song about a man not wanting a woman to go home because the weather is cold and a trip home would be difficult), that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer promotes bullying (in actuality, the bullying of Rudolph in the special is portrayed in a negative light, and it also has a positive moral of embracing your special qualities) just to fit their SJW agenda and Robyn Byrd (one of the victims who accused John Kricfalusi of sexual misconduct) lied about Ren & Stimpy being the show John used to lure kids, if the show wasn't for kids and also she lied about the John K. threats send to her, in the true JimmySpumko is not the John K. account on Twitter and was from an troll (most possibly from a infamous YouTube user, called Spike Tv Fanboy), John's old Twitter account was JohnKricfalusi1.
    • In October 2019, they claimed that SpongeBob SquarePants was racist. It's not racist, the characters don't even have a racist or ethnicity. It also doesn't promote violence against indigenous people at all.
    • Speaking of Robyn Byrd, she did some awful posts in her Twitter account, she called John Kricfalusi fans as Trolls, which is insulting and horrifying! She gave a non-sense response to LSuperSonicQ (known for making Lost Media videos on YouTube), who he accepted John's apology on Facebook. Also she gave a stupid message to Nickelodeon Animation Studios on Instagram, just because they're liking John K. posts and gave a non-sense response to Maria Júlia, when Maria exposed Robyn, due of her comment on Cartoon Brew in the article of John's apology, at end of the comment, she called John K. a manipulator, also Maria threatened Robyn to hack her account, but luckily, Maria didn't this, as a result, Maria received many hateful comments from Robyn's supporters, until Maria deleted the post and also she was blocked by Robyn, but Maria blocked Robyn to avoid more problems with her.
  29. Following Tumblr's infamous purge of adult content, many users from that site have escaped to Twitter, where they promote the idea that pedophilia is a sexuality and other bad things.
  30. They allow zoophiles on the site since some furries from the dark side of the furry fandom who are into zoophilia made hashtags like "#zoosexual", "#zeta", "#zoopride" and "#zoophilia" who also try to make zoophilia a sexuality, just like how MAPs/pedos try to make pedophilia a sexuality. Yet Twitter does nothing about that.
    • A zoophile named marshallfox posted pictures of him having sex with his dog. Thankfully his account got suspended.
  31. THE K-POP STANS. They worship their favorite K-Pop groups and treat them as if they were religion. They have nonsense vocabulary and words like "Sis, this wig is so skinny you really snapped the tea and I oop sksksksk", bully people, disrespect deaths, and are social justice warriors.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. All of their problems can also be said about many other social websites.
  2. There are still many decent tweets and interesting content on Twitter.
  3. It offers you a chance of being close to the people you admire or appreciate.
  4. Like DeviantArt and Tumblr, there is an high chance that you may see good people there.
  5. Nice celebrities interact with their fans there. Occasionally.
  6. Now they are deleting fake accounts on Twitter. Millions have been deleted.
  7. The new layout allows you to be signed in to multiple accounts at the same time and simply switch between accounts, which you couldn't do in the old layout.