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Nowadays, this website will leave you TWITCHing in confusion.
Type of site: Live streaming
Language: Multilingual
Created by: Justin Kan
Emmett Shear
Owner: Amazon
Date of launch: June 6, 2011
Status: Active

"Twitch's motto: No camel toe, time to go."

Twitch (stylized as twitch) is a live streaming website focused mostly on gaming. It was founded in 2011 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear initially as a spin-off to, but later on, it became its successor instead.

Bad Qualities

  1. The site is infested with "Twitch girls" (a. k. a. "Titty streamers" or “Twitch Thots”) who usually do some certain activity (usually exercises) while wearing revealing clothing, which becomes repetitive very quickly.
    • Furthermore, many of these type of streamers often break Twitch's community guidelines, as one of the guidelines explicitly state that overly sexual behavior and/or attire are prohibited.
    • Some of these "Twitch girls" are underage. Unlike appropriately aged "Twitch girls" however, the underage ones are usually told by pedophiles in chat to do questionable stuff without realizing that it is sexual.
  2. Twitch themselves often show heavy favoritism towards streamers that make them more money than other streamers, such as the "Twitch girls" as mentioned above, or even scammers. These streamers always get a free pass when violating community guidelines, while normal streamers can get easily banned over very petty stuff (see point #3 for more info):
    1. One of the most infamous examples of this favoritism is when a "Twitch girl" known as "Alinity" abused her cat by throwing it, and Twitch did absolutely nothing to punish her for animal abuse. Even PeTA got involved, and they kill animals.
    2. Another notable example is when they banned an emote of SpongeBob with ripped pants, classifying it as "sexual content".
    3. YouTuber PayMoneyWubby got banned for live streaming in a restaurant despite having permission to. To be fair Twitch, didn't know he did, but other Twitch users like, Amourath, streamed in a public gym without permission and even lied to the manager of the gym that she was live streaming. She did get banned, but only for 3 days, whereas, Wubby lost his whole channel. They did eventually reinstate his channel.
  3. Most of their moderators are known for being very bad at their jobs, so much to the point that their moderation is considered one of, if not the worst out of any website:
    1. They are known to unfairly ban people. Some examples of unfair bans include:
      1. Banning streamers on accident. They often realize their mistake days later rather than immediately.
      2. Banning streamers because they misinterpreted a word they said with an offensive word. This shows that they don't even bother to make sure that the streamer in question said something offensive or not.
      3. Banning streamers when they refer to a user by their real name, even if they're using their real name as their username.
      4. Banning streamers because a trolling user mass reported a streamer via sockpuppets, not checking to make sure that the accounts aren't sockpuppets.
      5. Criticizing another streamer, especially the favored ones, will most likely result in a harassment strike.
      6. Banning streamers just for choosing a username that they find "inappropriate". When this happens, they don't even give the streamer a chance to change their username.[1]
    2. When they are informed that they unfairly banned a streamer, they usually do nothing and keep the streamer banned.
    3. They also often don't even inform streamers that they banned them.
  4. They once temporarily banned Vargskelethor Joel because they thought he hacked the website to display "FUCK YOU" as the game he was streaming. (FUCK YOU is an obscure Space Invaders clone.) However, the mods realized their mistake and unbanned him shortly afterwards.
  5. None of the moderator members have revealed their identities for whatever reason, making it impossible to contact them. What makes less sense is that every other position at Twitch can be contacted.
  6. They created an advisory group called the "Twitch Safety Advisory Council", which is made up of streamers who are known for being associated with the regressive left.
    • The most notable of the bunch is a streamer, and a regressive leftist known as FerociouslySteph, who instantly abused her power. Twitch did absolutely nothing to stop her, with an ambassador even supporting her actions. She has many bad qualities such as:
      1. She believes that misogyny will be "solved" if "cis-white-males" have no say in anything.
      2. She also wants voice chat banned in video games so people don't have to hear male voices.
      3. She claimed that people who play video games are white supremacists.
      4. She would later apologize for her statements, but played the victim card shortly afterward by claiming that her voice has been "taken" from her, and claiming that those who criticized her are "supremacists".
      5. Considering that she is a Caucasian herself (also the fact that she transitioned from male), this makes her statements extremely hypocritical.
      6. She also likes to pretend that she is a deer, which shows that Twitch didn't even bother recruiting professional acting streamers to their council.
  7. A feature similar to that of loot boxes is present called "loot crates". Just like ordinary loot boxes, the rewards are extremely underwhelming.
  8. Unskippable ads are very common, especially on their channel called TwitchPresents, where there is an ad every few minutes, sometimes they show the exact same ad over and over again. Worse, there are sometimes two 15-second unskippable ads.
    • Twitch Prime no longer allows viewers to watch live streams ad-free, which was one of the main selling points of said service.
    • Even worse, you can't disable the ads with an adblocker.
  9. They sometimes take punishments for users to the extreme, going as far as to sue them.
  10. When their most followed streamer known as "Ninja" left Twitch, they handled his departure extremely poorly. Rather than stating their goodbyes to him, Twitch instead simply mocked him, unverified his account almost immediately, and then used his deserted channel to promote other streamers.
  11. They, along with Blizzard, heavily censored the chat during the 2018 Overwatch contenders' quarterfinals. Any comment they come across as just the slightest bit angry or critical sounding will result in that user getting banned.
  12. Streamers have the ability to host subscriber-only streams. Considering that it costs money to subscribe to streamers, this feature essentially locks streams behind paywalls.
  13. They handled copyrighted content very poorly, as they file thousands of DMCA takedowns across hundreds of content creators over using copyrighted music, even if it came under fair use:
    1. They overdubbed Metallica's own song at BlizzCon with 8-bit folk music to "avoid" DMCA takedown, not realizing that the band themselves streamed it live.
    2. They refuse to allow users to file counter-notifications, something that even YouTube allows.
  14. Because of all of these problems (particularly the extremely poor moderation), many of the biggest streamers are leaving Twitch in favor of other streaming platforms such as Mixer (now defunct) and Facebook Gaming.
  15. You cannot rewind streams as they are live.
  16. They banned the terms "Blind Playthroughs", "Simp", and "Virgin" for no reason (except for the "Incel" term).
  17. They’ve banned the :PogChamp: emote because of Ryan Gutierrez (A.K.A: Gootecks), the one behind the emote, expressing his opinion regarding the protests that happened in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021.
  18. Streamers have the possibility for people to set the creation of clips only for subscribers on their streams. Considering that it costs money to subscribe to streamers, this functionality essentially locks the creation of clips behind paywalls.
  19. In the mobile version, the application can be very ruthless on various devices, which made them overheat quickly. Especially looking at the streams of the streamers.
  20. Replays of streams called VOD (Video on Demand) are only kept 14 days before deletion for people who are not partners on Twitch. 60 days for people who are partners before being deleted. Absurd thing because no video/stream platform like YouTube removes streams after a predefined time.

Good Qualities

  1. There are plenty of great streamers on the platform such as DarkViperAU, Vinny Vinesauce, and Rubberninja, although most of them originated from YouTube.
  2. Finding new content creators and navigating through the site is much easier compared to YouTube.
  3. Aside from the moderation team, they are usually nice and helpful to those who contact them for anything.
  4. Although uncommon, they do ban streamers who actually violate their guidelines, such as when they banned a scammer known as "Athene" or when streamers use view bots.
    • They banned Brian Risso (AKA ONLYUSEmeBlade or Blade), a streamer mentioned in one of penguinz0's video's, who got so drunk he started sticking his finger in his butt for a $20 donation.
  5. Some good moderators like Captain Southbird (a Vinesauce moderator and editor until 2018).
  6. The site was much better before 2019, before they screwed up 'BIG time.
    • It's also not as bad as YouTube nowadays. (usually)


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