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The Truthers are an online community with Christianity and conspiracy theory-based ideas where people are trying to expose the truth about the Earth as well as linking, for example, Hollywood to pedophilia to the Illuminati.

This group has existed for years, and it’s easy to tell that they started popping up since 2008 or earlier than that year.

Why They’re Rotten

  1. Truthers are a main example of religious nutjobs. They believe that everything is Satanic, are extremely bigoted and homophobic, and blindly worship God in a way that gives Christians a bad image. It is so severe that almost nobody calls them out on it.
  2. They get easily freaked out when someone proves that the Big Bang Theory (the Big Bang phenomena, not the show) is true.
  3. They spam search results on YouTube and flood them with their ridiculously bad videos. For example, search terms related to Roman Catholicism or Islam can be filled with hate videos.
  4. They make dozens of videos claiming to predict disasters and conspiracies such as the apocalypse, FEMA Camps, aliens, Nibiru/Planet X, etc. To say that such predictions are inaccurate is an understatement.


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