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The word toxic, in a behavior sense, refers to as extremely harsh, malicious, or harmful behavior. Toxic users are a group of people who are rude and can't be nice.

Not to be confused with internet trolls, because both of these types of users are different. Trolls are those who annoy people for fun, while toxic folks are generally more negative, cynical, and aren’t very logical. Regardless, they can be both trolls and be toxic at the same time.

List Of Atrocities

NOTE: Most of them can also apply to internet trolls.

  1. Obviously, the biggest thing we have to mention about toxic users is that they are very mean-spirited and pessimistic that they’ll love to spread hate all the time, disrespect opinions, harassing people non-stop, and do a lot of bad things overall. They tend to start having arguments or cause drama for little reasons or something pointless. On top of that, they even end up being really offensive as they also love to make autism insults and even racist comments. There are just so many examples that we can't mention all of them because they clog up the article.
    • They sometimes tend to break a website's rules (mostly harassment), and they can get away with it easily.
    • On a rare occasion, they’ll make a video about the victim either a rant with false reasons or just insulting them on screen. This will only happen when the victim continues to intervene with them.
    • On top of that, they love to tell people to end their life.
    • They sometimes use sockpuppet accounts to easily "gang-up" the victim, to get away from account bans.
  2. They also make paltry practices online like spamming a user a lot to piss them off similarly to trolls,
  3. They act more superior towards each other over the victim by hunting them down, for example.
  4. Some even admitted that they’re toxic, but they can’t help it.
  5. Worse, others cannot even take any form of criticism towards their behavior, which already sounds really bad. They'll end up insulting whoever dares to criticize them by shoving insults or even attacking them.
  6. They also trying hard to be edgy, such as using profanity very often, and they can even end up shoving inappropriate media like NSFW art just to be "cool", again.
  7. They are almost everywhere on the internet, especially online video games.
  8. Most toxic users tend to watch ones that do complain and whine about something like GLL, HORSE SIX ZERO, Youngdefiant, K9 Aversion, LeafyIsHere, Pyrocynical, Question LGBT Education, and PewDiePie. Because of this, they tend to have a toxic fanbase as well.
  9. Speaking of LeafyIsHere, most toxic users are inspired by him, with the biggest offender being Ash.


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