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Boomaster74 (talkcontribs)

A user made a Vyond-Styled rant about Ramadhan1a and Eijitheawesome.

Here it is: The Nut Job Fanatic 2019: This Video Was Made By The Nut Job Fanatic 2019 Andie F T W Frank Wienerton F t l! Ramadhan1a? No! More Like Racistidiot666, Oh My God! This User Sucks! This User Keep Vandalising Vyond V3 Wiki, & Vyond V4 Wiki, Which Suck! I Can't Beileve Eijitheawesome Made a Another Account. I Thought Jeff171, & Nerry Marin Was Bad Enough. I Hope This User Dosen't Make a Youtube Account, & I Hope This User Gets Blocked By VSTF Members. Do You Know Who Likes This User? Eijitheawesome // IDGAF Productions, He Made a Another Account, & He Loves This User But He Can't Because He Belongs to Youtube, Not Vyond Wiki, & Do You Know Who Hates This User? Loser336 LynnLoud909, Needle336 ChopChopNinja909, Mutant Po FlurrandJangoFTW MegatronFTL, SpongeBob&TheLoudHouseRulesEst2003, & More, They Hates This User With a Burning Passion. Ramadhan1a Sucks, & So Does Eijitheawesome // IDGAF Productions, MrEmperorCJ Is Better Than Ramadhan1a, End of Rant.

Boomaster74 (talkcontribs)

They've also made killing videos and grounded videos out of both Ramadhan1a and Eijitheawesome.

Seanbuscus2600 (talkcontribs)

The Vyond community is just laughable.