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My last post before getting blocked...

Mar9122 (talkcontribs)

Vic, I cannot accept becoming a lolcow, but I wanted to say that I immediately removed that forum post on Reception Flame Wars Wiki to avoid more drama. I am deeply apologized about this situation for Se being a dick. Just that I deeply sympathizes with many users, like Se. Even if you demote me and blocked me, I have created my own empire of Reception Wiki Outcast and made a ShoutWiki version of this wiki in case if I do get to the slammer.

It's been pleasure to serve you as an proud admin, Vicious, wasting my potential for helping this favorite wiki for nothing. Without Masson Thief, I guess Villager is right about Reception Family Wiki going downhill. Go ahead, shoot me. At least I got my friends and Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums to complain about.

AkihitoZero5454 (talkcontribs)

The real hotheaded one is Se. Vicious you're a nice guy who has a stressful life because of the current events that are happening.

Vemsa (talkcontribs)

Now, could we reverse the favor? Please, Vicious. He's innocent!

TheInterneto (talkcontribs)

I’m at fault as well.