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Why I Hate This Website and Why I'm Glad It's Shutting Down

Pinky Malinky (talkcontribs)

I joined this website on 2016 and closed my account in May 2017. Why? Because I made some posts about one of my chao, and somehow it got reshared by some memelord. I also took a picture of my Minecraft poster and that also got reshared. One of my chao posts had some user attacking me for not liking Samurai Jack Season 5 as far as the exact same user posting my Google Play review saying "are you fucking serious?" I deleted my account in May 2017. Google+ is filled with toxic memelords and annoying little idiots. I'm glad it's going down next month. Other than Miraheze, YouTube, and DeviantArt, I will never join any social media website ever again.