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Not gonna lie

Summary by RoboticJeffy

I wasn't trying to gat myself banned, I did not know that Proudest fap means I pleasured myself.

RoboticJeffy (talkcontribs)

In my opinion, I said Encylopedia Dramatica was my proudest fap a place where I would expose users.

Breakin' Benny (talkcontribs)

That would be interesting.

RoboticJeffy (talkcontribs)

I was going to say that Encyclopedia Dramatica was my proudest fap but I didn't know what "Proudest fap" means until NeptunePerson2018 told me.

NeptunePerson2018 (talkcontribs)

I don't want to get banned so I'll say that it means that you pleasured yourself

Portrock1566 (talkcontribs)

Neptune is correct.

RoboticJeffy (talkcontribs)

Pleasured myself? I saw some users saying that.

DeltaStorm (talkcontribs)

It has genital mutilation in it...