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I know there's opinions and all, but...

Unnamedgoon (talkcontribs)

When asked "What are the most overrated rock bands of all time?", a citizen named Rusty Shackleford replied with this:

"Oh wow, there are alot of bands/musicians that people listed as “overrated” that I wouldn’t consider calling so , and infact would leave out just for the sake that they could be replaced on the list by actual garbage who’s music boggles my mind that anyone would listen to all.

Who I agree with being overrated: Queen, Kiss, Nirvana, Journey, Metallica, AC/DC, Green Day, Linkin Park, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson…pretty much everyone listed

EXCEPT FOR: The Beatles, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd , The Doors, The Smiths, The Sex Pistols, The Velvet Underground & Lou Reed…

Most “overrated” rock bands, I would consider:

-The White Stripes (generic blues-rock crap)

-The Black keys(another generic blues-rock crap)

-Boston(progressive rock rip-off, radio trash)

-Foreigner(progressive rock rip-off, radio trash)

-Peter Frampton(just straight garbage, also radio trash)

-John Melloncamp (annoying and played on the radio for the past 1000 years, all his music sounds he same)

-The Rolling Stones (Should have stopped alooong time ago)

-Elvis Presley ( didn’t write any of his songs, his christmas shit makes me puke)

-Ozzy Osbourne (excluding Black sabbath and Randy Rhodes material)

-Soundgarden & Audioslave ( nothing special)

-Rage against the Machine (nothing special)

-Radiohead (nothing special)

-Rod Stewart (need I explain)

-Blink 182 (disgusts me that anyone would even use the word “punk” in the same sentence)

-Ted Nugent (is a scum bag and his music sucks)

-Guns N’ Roses (had a few ok songs, the rest is trash)

-Poison ( Eeew..)

-Counting Crows ( my butthole makes better music)

-Dave Mathiews Band (Untalented hipster crap)

-The Black Crows ( ick..)

okay many of these just don’t need an explaination to why they just suck and are overrated..

-Breaking Benjamen

-Avenged Seven Fold



-Five Finger Death Punch


-My Chemical Romance

-Panic at the Disco

-Three Days Grace






-The Flaming Lips( well..their new stuff anyway)

….I know there’s more but you get the idea"

Yeah, Rusty, I think you've listed every single existing rock band.