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I wasn't trying to be bad

Summary by Masson Thief

The discussion about Guest Guy's block is concluded. If real people can be flanderized is a too complex matter to be discussed here.

Guest guy (talkcontribs)

I was just getting wikia to fix their mistakes.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Not buying that.

You deliberately tried to spam a link to a page you KNEW would make Wikia Staff angry to someone who already closed the previous threads you made with said link, clearly indicating you needed to knock it off, and you kept pushing until you earned a permaban from Community Central.

The only reason you aren't permabanned here is that I choose to believe it was severe stupidity instead of malice on your part, and if you can avoid making a further fool of yourself where Wikia is concerned, I will likely be willing to cut the year long block down to something far shorter, but that depends on you keeping your nose clean.

Guest guy (talkcontribs)

I can't believe I was flanderized.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Well, let me clarify: If I don't get wind you started anymore crap on Wikia or on here by Christmas, I'll take the block off, meaning it lasts 2-3 months as opposed to a full year.

That's only if you keep your nose clean, so take it or leave it.

Guest guy (talkcontribs)

I will take it.

And because I showed wikia the page, it shows they can't take criticism.

I Promise I will take it.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Very good, I'll drop the block on Christmas if you remain off the naughty list then.

As for your opinion, one problem with that logic. Brandon Rhea is an EMPLOYEE of Wikia, he does not make executive decisions on his own, he answers to his own superiors. If you really wanted to get their attention in a professional and reasonable way, you would have been better served to send them a link to the page in a discreet contact message to their general staff email or whatever route is most appropriate, asking them to review the material and address the concerns. Trying to ambush a staff member of a corporate entity with a "your business model is shit" link publicly is counterproductive and childish and I'm not surprised Brandon blocked you, you really should have taken the hint when he closed the topic the first time round.

Masson Thief (talkcontribs)

Unless you can give me a link to some serious stuff, the messages of him I found on CC only contain mild harassment at worst in my opinion.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Oh, I can provide plenty, and it's not just Brandon he decided to be an ass to:

(Trying to give orders to Sannse and making demands when there is a protocol he needed to follow.

(Not taking the hint when his threads whining about a troll were closed)

(Brandon told the troll to chill, Guest Guy wasn't content)

(Trying to make Brandon mad later)

(Brandon gives this guy more than one warning, which are ignored)

(Posted after Brandon told him to chill)

(insulting staff while trying to make a request)

(This warning went in one ear and out the other)

And all of his other edits are pointlessly starting crap and vandalizing the troll's page just to be an asshat:

Basically, I came to the conclusion our friend here had a terminal case of being thickheaded and letting anger dictate his decisions, not trying to be deliberately malicious, hence why I decided it would not be a permaban due to the stunts they pulled on Wikia. Their recent activity here, while not as bad as it could have been, was still enough I felt some sort of timeout was warranted, and the full year ban was mainly to get their attention, and assuming they were willing to chill out and be far more reasonable than another user who let anger and foolishness dictate their actions, I was happy to cut the block down considerably so long as they stayed on the side of doing good, which I'm pleased to see they are willing to do, and honestly, if their behavior remains good from now onwards, I'm willing to cut the block in half again so they can edit here before Thanksgiving.

Guest guy (talkcontribs)

So I will stop.

Villager2001X (talkcontribs)

+Guest Guy, get lost. You're not welcome on reception family wikis anymore. Why? Because you take the hate too far and pissed one of admins on this site.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Villager, I'd rather ask you stop, this matter is being handled and Guest Guy is willing to be reasonable, hence I'm willing to be merciful.

In fact, they keep their word, and their block ends by next month at latest.

Guest guy (talkcontribs)

Villager2001X stop bullying me.

Guest guy (talkcontribs)

Can you please ban villager please?

Villager2001X (talkcontribs)

+GethN7 I'm sorry, I didn't want to post that rude comment on Guest Guy.

Mar9122 (talkcontribs)

Sorry, Guest Guy. I have to tell Geth dude about you being a idiot by showing FANDOM to this Miraheze. After all, you wanted me to buy dynamites to blow up Ugly Rat's house. But, it's not going to happen.

Guest guy (talkcontribs)

Sorry, I was flanderized when crappy games Shutted down on wikia.

GethN7 (talkcontribs)

Ok, chill everyone.

No one is getting banned, and Guest guy gets to come back by the end of the month if he keeps his nose clean till then.

That said, I look forward to more fine edits from you all.

Nihirichan (talkcontribs)

Who's Villager.....

ChrisTheCat73 (talkcontribs)

Villager2001X *facepalm*

Masson Thief (talkcontribs)

Shortening the block seems a wise idea considering that what he wrote wasn't terrible but just stubborn. I don't think the guy at FANDOM has been upset by our page though.

I'll leave the management of this block to you anyway for the reasons you already know.

Guest guy (talkcontribs)

Wikia got angry because they can't take criticism.

JaguarByte Productions (talkcontribs)

There's no flanderization in real life. But for some reason , I said I was flanderized. (facepalm of this stupid shit)

Mar9122 (talkcontribs)

That's what I've been telling to DoritoFan. Flanderization is a trope, not a definition of life unless you're Ned Flanders. Not everyone, including me, were "Flanderized" as some of us stayed calm since Ugly Rat's rampage.

Guest guy (talkcontribs)

Real life people can also be flanderized.

One example would be the wikia staff. They went from useful helpers, to becoming SJWs.