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The Verge
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On The Verge of your own destruction.
Type of site: Technology news
Language: English
Created by: Joshua Topolsky
Jim Bankoff
Marty Moe
Owner: Vox Media
Date of launch: November 1, 2011
Status: Active

The Verge is an American technology news and media network operated by Vox Media. It has offices in Manhattan, New York City. The network publishes news items, long-form feature stories, product reviews, podcasts, and an entertainment show.

The website uses its own proprietary publishing platform with video content. The network's content is financed through advertising and sponsorship and is managed by its editor-in-chief Nilay Patel and executive editor Dieter Bohn. The site launched on November 1, 2011. The Verge won five Webby Awards for the year 2012 including awards for Best Writing (Editorial), Best Podcast for The Vergecast, Best Visual Design, Best Consumer Electronics Site, and Best Mobile News App.

Why Their Business Sucks

  1. Biased reporting.
  2. Clickbait and outrage bait is used often.
  3. Heavily anti-GamerGate. They also like to gamedrop, A LOT.
  4. Promotes SJW-type content. Examples:
    • While most people, who complained about Scarlett Johansson's role in the 2017 film Ghost in the Shell, because it's unfaithful to the source material, The Verge complained about it because of... well... whiteness.[1]
    • The Verge has also complained about how letting cis-gender actors play transgender characters is problematic,[2] apparently unaware of how the film industry works.
  5. Just about a lot of articles has to have gender politics in it as pointed out by the late TotalBiscuit.
  6. They were also involved in the "Gamers Are Dead" media blitz; and when gamers retaliated by having companies like Intel pull ads of their site, the Verge tried to smear gamers as "anti-diversity".
  7. Besides being anti-gamer, they're anti-men as well, and are willing to exploit a real-life tragedy like the Toronto shootings to virtue signal and smear men.[3]
  8. Their senior editor, Chris Plante, instigated the #Shirtstorm moral panic. Even more ridiculous is that the "sexist" shirt is made by a woman.
  9. One former writer even threatened to attack GamerGate supporters at a comic-con.
  10. They did not disclose an affiliate link in the article, which is a violation of the FTC rules.
  11. They had the nerve to throw people under the bus after people are being abused by the faults in the Chinese score system.
  12. They like to use a logical fallacy called "poisoning the well".
  13. Censorship in articles' comment sections and community forums.
  14. One journalist from The Verge article went as far as to mock Elon Musk, to the point Elon Musk decided to create his own version of Deepfreeze, Pravaduh; and as a result, they made articles going after GamerGate and defending fellow corrupt journalists.
  15. GamerGate's and FTC's involvement forced them to overhaul their ethics policies.
  16. They supported the censorship of the game Super Seducer, calling it "the last game they need in the #MeToo era".
  17. They, along with Kotaku and Rock, Paper, Shotgun, misreport ArenaNet's firing of two developers working for them.
  18. Poor handling of their Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV review.
  19. They defended racists such as the New York Times editor Sarah Jeong.
  20. Their PC building tutorial video is absolutely horrendous, where the builder Stefan Etienne made multiple beginner mistakes, such as using a Swiss army knife instead of proper screwdriver set, casually throwing away parts, putting the motherboard in the case first instead of the CPU or the RAM first, and worst of all: putting the power supply in the wrong way. After multiple criticisms and videos calling this out, The Verge censored comments and disabled ratings before pulling the video off YouTube while trying their best to dismiss the multiple fatal errors present in the video and trying to blame the backlash on "racism" and "harassment campaigns". They even went as far as false copyright-striking Bitwit's "Lyle Reacts to The Verge PC Build" video. It doesn't help the fact Stefan Etienne called critics "angry nerds", which resulted in people making fun of him, even to this day.
  21. They even sent copyright takedowns and it was only when the massive backlash they had to pull out the strikes and they even mocked subtly one tech user for having a satirical Asian character as racist even though the tech user himself is actually half asian. They also gave a terrible dismissive apology as well.
  22. They called Sesame Street "homophobic" for not making Bert and Ernie gay, even though they’ve repeatedly said that they are asexual,[4] and they also used Mark Saltzman’s claims to prove they were gay, even though Saltzman was lying!
  23. They have no sympathy at all to anybody who falls for scams.
  24. They attacked Ubisoft for their apoltical stance for development of their products like many journalists.
  25. They actually gotten pissed over Wonder Woman movie being written by 3 male screenwriters.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. They helped exposing that Jace Connors is not a real person, but a character played by a comedian Jan Rankowski.[5]





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