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The Sun
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The Sun is deadly true scum, indeed.
Type of site: Daily newspaper
Language: English
Owner: News Corp. UK
Date of launch: September 15, 1964
Status: Active
Predecessor: Daily Herald

The Sun (stylized as THE Sun) is a British tabloid newspaper published by the UK News Corp. It was founded on September 15, 1964, and it is the highest circulating paper in the country, selling over 1.5 million copies every day and also has a news website.

Why It Doesn't Shine As Bright As The Actual Sun

  1. They once had a paywall for their website in place, as part of The Sun Plus.
  2. In the UK (except Scotland fully since 2015 [but in the 1990s, they did tell their readers to vote the SNP as acceptable alternative party if region's Scottish Conservatives loses percentage, regardless their ideology isn't aligned with the Parent newspaper]), As they are known to be aligned with Conservative Party for most of its history; until 2015 for Scotland only, that they will fully support the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) as means tactical choice to attack the Labour Party for majority of the time with occasional to Liberal Democrats.
  3. Sometimes published false stories, mainly in the 1980s:
    • In 1986, they printed the infamous headline “FREDDIE STARR ATE MY HAMSTER” in which they claimed Freddie Starr, a British comedian, ate a pet hamster after finding barely anything in his house. Freddie Starr has constantly denied this.
    • In 1989, they also printed “STRAIGHT SEX CANNOT GIVE YOU AIDS”, which is blatantly untrue, as it can endanger the readers lives. (In fact, unprotected sex increases the risk of giving you AIDS, this is why people should use condoms.)
    • Their most infamous headline, though, is their coverage of the Hillsborough disaster, in which 96 Liverpool fans got crushed due to poor crowd control. The Sun published the headline “THE TRUTH” in which they claimed that Liverpool fans pick-pocketed the victims, urinated on cops, and beat up a constable giving kiss of life. The headline was so bad, that Merseyside boycotted the newspaper, which is a tradition that still goes on today and in 2016, they were banned from reporting at Anfield Stadium, home of Liverpool FC. Billy Bragg even wrote a song about the boycott in the aftermath of the News of the World scandal.
  4. To this day they are generally poorly sourced, as fact check websites point out.
  5. They defended Amber Heard against Johnny Depp, despite audio proof that she was abusive. Worse still, they actually won the court case after Depp sued them, which in turn led Warner Bros. to ask Depp to resign from the Fantastic Beasts film series, which Depp did.
  6. Like The Daily Mail, they are also homophobic. And also xenophobic as well.
  7. Spreads inaccurate rumors of celebrities especially pop stars such as Elton John.
  8. They were also finding ways to frame the Pokemon series as a very bad game.
  9. After Love Island (UK) presenter Caroline Flack committed suicide in February 2020, they removed all their hate articles on Flack on their site after many people criticized the paper for them, showing that The Sun cannot take criticism.
  10. The created the infamous Up Yours Delors headline.
  11. They have been extremely insulting and dismissive towards opponents of Brexit, calling them "Remoaners" and likening the European Union's supporters to the people who supported appeasing Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.
  12. They actually applauded someone who circulated fake election leaflets in an attempt to hurt the chances of the Labour Party candidate in a special election to the UK parliament in 2021 - even though creating fake election material like that is illegal, and members of the UK parliament have previously been removed from office for doing so.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The headline title while can be bad and misleading are catchy like GOTCHA in the Falklands war.
  2. While the news site is bad it's at least a bit more trustworthy than The Daily Express's.
  3. In 2013, they were the first source to reveal that a group of Doctor Who missing episodes had been found.


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