The Real Cost

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The Real Cost
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Don't smoke! It's a joke!
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: +47,411

The Real Cost is an anti-smoking and drug campaign started by the Food and Drug Administration in 2014[1]. They focus on making anti-smoking and drug public service announcements (PSAs). They also have their own website and YouTube channel, and have over 47,000 subscribers.

Why They're Rotten

  1. The way they advertise their PSAs. Almost every time you click on a video on YouTube, there is always going to be a PSA about not doing drugs! We already know not to smoke or do drugs, but you don't have to hammer it into our brains!
    • Additionally, their PSAs try too hard to be edgy and disturbing. One PSA has a football player being pulled by black tentacles just because he did drugs. One of their other PSAs also features a jumpscare with a Facehugger-like creature coming out of a pack of cigarettes and attacking the camera.
    • Most recently, they started showing ads where Teens are trapped in dark rooms because they smoked. This is too overly dramatic and it looks a lot more like a trailer to a horror film than a PSA.
  2. They also have an anti-smoking PSA series called Little Lungs in a Great Big World, which was just horrible.
  3. What's the point in making these PSAs? The internet is filled with a lot of people who do drugs and they will probably not even listen.
  4. They disable their comment sections, which shows they can't take negative criticism.
  5. Almost every time you visit DeviantArt, you will always see a PSA for The Real Cost or some other anti-smoking initiative. One example is a PSA where a delivery guy holds a box that opens to reveal a pair of rotten teeth or a hand with yellow fingernails. This ad is known as "VyleDelivery."
  6. One of their PSAs tries to show us that vaping can lead to smoking cigarettes, and how? By having a guy do a magic trick by removing a vape pen and placing a cigarette in its place. How does this properly convey the message at all?
  7. They ignore some of the worst effects of vaping.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Their PSAs are not as cringe-inducing to watch as truthorange's PSAs, but only slightly.




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Anyone: looks at a pack of cigarettes

Life, according to The Real Cost: OMAE WA MOU SHINDERU

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