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The Guardian (2015-Present)
The Guardian logo 2.png
The Moral Guardian is a better name for them.
Type of site: Daily newspaper
Language: English
Created by: John Edward Taylor
Owner: Guardian Media Group
Date of launch: 1959
Status: Active

"Guardian is the most insufferable newspaper on planet Earth"
Elon Musk

The Guardian (Manchester Guardian from 1821 to 1959) is one of the largest newspapers in Great Britain. Its online edition was the fifth most widely read in the world in October 2014, with over 42.6 million readers.

The Guardian has the reputation as a platform for pro-Labour Party and left-wing editorial, which has led to a lot of biased reports which compromises journalistic integrity, and the use of the "Guardian reader" and "Guardianista" as often pejorative epithets for those of the middle-class with left-leaning or politically correct tendencies.

It also earned the nickname “The Grauniad” from satirical newspaper Private Eye, due to its former reputation of typos.

Why It Isn't A Guardian Now

  1. Clearly panders towards social justice warriors and feminazis.
  2. They defended pedophiles and believed they needed support, which proves they are pedophiles for saying that.
  3. They once published an article stating political correctness isn't killing comedy, and instead saving it.
  4. They are very supportive of safe spaces and even support racial and gender segregation despite pandering towards multiculturalism.
  5. Since 2015's Labour leadership election, they are occasionally biased against then-elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn by letting some members to "criticize" him with fake Social liberal and Centrist Blairite viewpoints.
  6. Gaby Hinsliff, a journalist for them, advocates for illegal discrimination.
  7. Actively supports internet censorship, claiming that free speech can poison the very bloodstream of democracy.
  8. Took part in the Gamers Are Dead coordinated attack, despite being a latecomer.
  9. Constantly bashes Donald Trump when it comes to America's social issues, to the point where it starts to feel like a desperate joke.
  10. They closed the comments section on articles in regards to race, immigration and Islam.
    • Jessica Valenti even suggests once that The Guardian should close ALL COMMENT SECTIONS.
  11. Constantly posts exaggerated claims of sexism, racism and misogyny in culture.
  12. They made a false DMCA claim in an attempt to take down one of Sargon of Akkad's video that criticized them.
  13. They posted an article portraying an Antifa supporter Josh Dukes as a hyper-intelligent hero and a victim of the alt-right while completely ignoring the fact that he came to Milo Yiannopoulos' speech armed with a large knife and brass knuckles.
  14. Also frequently posts poorly researched, one-sided articles of Gamergate. Technology editor Jemima Kiss even encouraged other contributors to ignore the consumer revolt, dismissing it simply as "idiotic", and to take source from Leigh Alexander—an infamously corrupt game journalist who spearheaded in the Gamers Are Dead incident. While biased sourcing is common in journalism, Kiss’s actions are nothing short of unprofessional.
  15. They smeared Count Dankula and Sargon Of Akkad. For joining UKIP.
  16. They believe that political correctness expands language.
  17. ... and also that exercise-tracking tools is a way for fat-shaming others.
  18. Highly supportive of celebrity culture, which in reality is shallow and selfish. They also insulted those who are highly critical of celebrity gossip, calling them "annoying pompous self-absorbed jackasses". And hypocritically they even wrote a article about how celebrity bodies are unrealistic body images for youth.
  19. E-begging their followers to support them.
  20. They also bash violent entertainment such as John Wick 2, as a part of being anti-gun.[1]
  21. Made far fetched claims such as Farmville and science-fiction being tools to turn others into part of the alt-right and how it promotes racism.[2]
  22. They also publish fake news stories.[3][4][5] Such as the time they were caught falsely editing Julian Assange's quotes.
  23. Very bigoted as they described all Caucasian people as "annoying".[6] They even made bold claims such as how there is no way to wipe them out.[7]
  24. Lots of biased and inaccurate content:
    • Keith Stuart’s article "Even teenage boys are sick of sexist video games, survey finds" quotes a discredited survey that contains multiple flaws such as having no peer review, very loaded questions, and being taken exclusively over social media with no way to check if the sample truly consisted of the projected demographic of teens (who couldn’t take the survey without adult consent anyway). Even the author of the survey admitted that it had no claim of academic legitimacy and its only goal having been to start a discussion.
    • On January 13, 2017, The Guardian published an article stating that WhatsApp had a "backdoor [that] allows snooping on messages”. This was met with an open letter signed by more than 70 professional cryptographers calling for The Guardian to retract the article. Security researchers also criticized the story, with Moxie Marlinspike calling it “false”. On 13 June 2017, editor Paul Chadwick released an article detailing the flawed reporting in the original January article, which was amended to remove references to a backdoor.
    • On August 7, 2017, Angela Saini posted an article bashing James Damore—a software engineer fired by Google for suggesting that Google is too left leaning and should focus on adapting the working environment for women instead of forcing them in. Saini sticked to the usual lie that Damore promotes sexism and stereotyping even though he’s trying to provide solutions to reduce the gender gap and repeatedly states in his memo that people should be treated as individuals.
  25. Because of this, they had to cut down several of their staff members.
  26. They wanted to be exempt from tax status by filing themselves as a charity. In fact this was to cover up the massive financial losses they have been taking due to all of the crap they have been doing.
  27. They even made unpredictable remarks such as the possibility of sexism on Mars.
  28. They found LGBT conservatives to be quite disturbing.[8]
  29. Oddly they claimed that Brexit was a threat to LGBT rights.
  30. Ironically they have two articles going against the gym due to Trump. And another one calling out fat acceptance.[9]
  31. They even found exercise tools to be "Fat shaming" children.[10]
  32. If you dislike the "woke" direction Marvel is taking, you are part of the alt right according to them.
  33. A poll revealing the deep discord between Muslims and British was spinned into their narrative as Muslims feeling a sense of belonging even though that is not the case at all.
  34. Weirdly they claimed that MILO podcast hosted by Milo Yiannopoulos was essential listening.
  35. A longer history of muck ups.
  36. They contribute to the ridiculous theories that Thomas the Tank Engine, an innocent children's show, is racist, sexist, authoritarian, capitalist, anti-environmentalist, etc. These claims are all based on extremely absurd reasons, for example, the claim of racism is based on the facts the the "good steam engines" puff white smoke (actually steam) while the "bad diesel engines" puff black smoke. Despite the fact that steam is normally white while diesel exhasust is normally black. The writer also accused the Fat Controller of being an authoritarian capitalist dicator over the engines who judge them based off their usefulness. Despite the fact that Sir Topham Hatt was never supposed to have a personality in the first place and was only there to issue jobs to the locomotives to kickstart the plot and remind them the importance of duty.
    • They also seem to demonise the Tintin comics on every chance they get, due to one of its earlier albums, Tintin au Congo (Tintin in the Congo), being racially insensitive, despite being published in colonial Belgium and Hergé himself even hating it!
  37. If you eat brown sauce according to them, you are a smug chauvinist.
  38. They accused Elon Musk and his supporters of being pro-Trump and accused of Gaslighting. When Elon Musk called out The Verge and other corrupt journalists as well.
  39. They defended Kathy Griffin for her tasteless joke of Trump being beheaded.
  40. They published a misinformation story about a woman arrived in Dubai on expired passport, took pics of immigration (illegal inc in UK) and then released & was asked if she drank (as is the standard question almost everywhere).
  41. They have a problem with women being "objectified" yet they said it was ok for female critics to objectify men as well.
  42. They are very open about pushing their political beliefs in entertainment especially video games. And they state that video games should only serve the interests of the left wing part only. And demanding Red Dead Redemption 2 to reflect their own political beliefs and current world events.
  43. They believe that not even Muslims who are against terrorist groups like ISIS should speak out against them.
  44. They don't believe that women should pay for anything especially tampons.
  45. Just like New York Times and Los Angeles Times, they will give negative reviews to movies that do not sit well with their SJW views. Like, if there is a female character who is a bad person or a female character who gets hurt and/or killed, there is a high possibility that the movie will be bashed and called "gynophobic" or a "gynophobic death-porn", or receive such other bashing and complaints from the newspaper's reviewer.
  46. They were one of many entities that joined against the anti-Joker campaign and even encouraged readers to watch Cuck instead.
  47. They made a very racist video on the "flawed black representation" in anime.
  48. States that Star Wars fans who do not like the Disney Star Wars Trilogy are “alt-right’ racist trolls.”

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Revealed the truth that The News Of The World, a former British tabloid, hacked phones of people including a murdered schoolgirl, several slain British Army members and several victims of the 7/7 bombings. This led to TNOTW's closure in 2011.


  • In Season 21, Episode 5 of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson can be seen reading The Guardian whilst having tea. He then decided that it would be more interesting to tear a piece off the paper and eat it.






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