The Green Brothers

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The Green Brothers
Cancer is more appealing now.
Real name: John Michael Green
William Henry Green II
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: Author and vlogger (John)
Vlogger, musician, producer, author, entrepreneur, and CEO (Hank)

The Green brothers, John (born August 24, 1977) and Hank (born May 5, 1980), are two American brothers, entrepreneurs, social activists, and YouTube vloggers. The two extensively work with each other in their lives and careers, having started their collaborative popularity with their "Brotherhood 2.0" project in 2007. The Greens' portfolio of online work, which Hank describes as "a small YouTube network with about 15 channels," includes their main "Vlogbrothers" channel, SciShow, and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, among several others.

Why They're Rotten

  1. John himself is an antisemite; he mocked Anne Frank's death and exploited it for moral brownie points.
  2. The Green brothers are very apologetic to just about anything corrupt in nature, such as the mainstream media.
  3. They were responsible for defending Anita Sarkeesian at VidCon and banning Sargon for simply just sitting there along with other critics.
  4. John Green is very pretentious as a writer.
  5. Even when John Green wanted Verne Cox to be one of Time's Person of the Year, he still labeled her as "problematic".
  6. Their audience, Nerdfightia, consists of Tumblr users and SocJus supporters despite their goal of "fighting mediocrity and suck".
  7. John stated that the reason why he wanted public schools to be funded more is to make sure that he isn't surrounded by stupid people, which comes off as very elitist.
  8. Their own music label has multiple artists who were the center of several sexual misconduct controversies.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. John's book "The Fault In Our Stars" is a really good book.



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