The Daily Express

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The Daily Express
The Daily Express logo.png
"WoRlD WaR THrEe iS gOiNg tO hApPeN."
Type of site: Daily newspaper
Language: English
Owner: Reach plc
Date of launch: April 24, 1900
Status: Active

"[I run the paper] purely for the purpose of making propaganda and with no other motive."

Lord Beaverbrook, former owner of The Daily Express in 1948

The Daily Express is a British tabloid newspaper published by Reach plc. It was founded on April 24, 1900 and had an average daily circulation of 315142 per day and also has a news website.

Why It's Rotten

  1. They are the king of fake news of the United Kingdom, as they make silly claims about the End of the World or World War Three is going to happen. They also like to talk about Brexit so much it's beaten a dead horse.
    • They also do fake weather reports like the snow is coming every time when Christmas is coming with little proof.
    • Even The Sun is more reliable than this as, despite having some false stories, they do some true news in some areas, while the Daily Express didn't do that.
  2. Like The Sun, they are known to be aligned with the Conservative Party for most of their history; until 2015 when they changed their alignment to the UKIP, a right-wing populist party, which is infamous for accusations of racism and xenophobia.
    • But in 2017 they changed their alignment back to the Conservative and has been as of 2019.
  3. Double Standards: They claim to support the Conservative, but there are some cases that disprove that.
  4. The newspaper itself had to admit that it's there to make propaganda and no other motive, which exemplifies the problems shown on this page.
  5. They also make some conspiracy theories about the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, which leads to them getting called out by The Independent and The Guardian in 2006 and was named "Diana Express" by the Private Eye.
  6. They support Amber Heard and The Sun in the Court against Johnny Depp.
  7. They are anti-GamerGate.







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Daily Express: "WW3 warning: India buys deadly hunter-killer drones to prepare for war with China!!!!!11!1!1!1"


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Not even The Sun:

Not even CNN news:

Daily Express: ThE WoRlD iS GoInG EnD!!!

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