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The Daily Beast is an American news and opinion website focused on politics and pop culture.

Why They're Rotten

  1. A long history of doxxing.
  2. They are also involved in plagiarism.
  3. They are also responsible for creating a fake news story of Trump urinating on prostitutes.
  4. They have no qualms revealing intimate details of people of interest such as the 2016 Nico Hines Olympic article.
  5. They smear anybody against them as alt right such as painting Dave Rubin as a neo nazi.
  6. They framed Ninja as sexist for remaining faithful to his wife by not streaming with other girls by misquoting him.
  7. Very unprofessional reviewers such as bashing Silence for having Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield as protagonists.
  8. They are also shills for Marvel one such case was calling the critics gamergate supporting incels.
  9. They tried to frame a school shooter as a neo nazi despite the contrary evidence.
  10. They called gamergate bad because of their stance against corrupt journalism and corruption within social justice.
  11. They defending lying as ok as long as the person is a asshole.
  12. They do anything to frame gamergate as evil by connecting them to far right groups and school shootings.