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A company which specializes in clickbait.

TheSoul Publishing (The Russian name: AdMe) is a Russian independent digital company who knows for their YouTube channels, like 5-Minute Crafts, BRIGHT SIDE, ACTUALLY HAPPENED, and SMART BANANA. The company is notorious for being specializes in clickbait so they have an extremely bad reputation.

Why They're Rotten

  1. They are known to use clickbait. Tons of clickbait can be found on their channel, all of their channels utilize clickbait just to earn a quick buck.
  2. They are known to steal stuff from websites like Reddit. For example, on their ACTUALLY HAPPENED channel, they made a video called "I broke up with my girlfriend because of potatoes" was stolen from Reddit.[1]
  3. They can't take criticism. For example, they delete your comment if you say that the ACTUALLY HAPPENED stories are fake.
  4. They make a bunch of unnecessary spinoff channels based on 5-Minute Crafts. In fact, as of right now they have over 130 of these spinoff channels.
    • They have so many channels that if you combine all of their channels to one, they'll have over 500 million subscribers altogether.
  5. They are really greedy. Probably why they made a bunch of channels.
  6. They go for quantity over quality.
  7. Their 5-Minute Crafts channel has life hacks, if you could even call them that, which the majority of them look awful.
  8. They use the same hacks, over and over again.
  9. They are pretty stupid. For example, on their "SMART" BANANA channel, they said that there is a black hole in the middle of the Earth.
  10. Their 7-Second Riddles channel just has a bunch of generic riddles.
  11. Sometimes, they like re-use the stuff they already did before
  12. The ACTUALLY HAPPENED stories are just scripts which are stories to make it sound like they are in a teenager's perspective.
  13. Some of their channel names are cringeworthy, their SMART BANANA's channel name used to be SMART IS THE NEW SEXY, which is a cringeworthy title.
  14. They upload over 500 videos per month on YouTube so they can earn money quicker.
  15. Part of their website's descriptions says, "We focus on the bright side of life", when some of their content is dark toned.
  16. Their whole purpose of "Focusing on the bright side of life." is pretty much political correctness.
  17. Even worse, YouTube sometimes even trends their content.
  18. Most of their channels and video names are in ALL CAPS, if it wasn't clickbait enough.
  19. They create sub and like bots which probably explains why their channels have so much subscribers and why their videos have a questionable amount of likes.
  20. They steal some thumbnails from other YouTubers like Infographics Show.
  21. They even like to steal content from other people.
  22. Their video editing is poor.
  23. They have over 500 million subscribers from all of their channels combined.
  24. They are basically printing millions of dollars a month from YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sources.

Redeeming Quality

  1. Their older content is much better than their newer content.





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