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This is what happens when you combine fundamentalism, fascism and historical revisionism at the same time.
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: YouTube
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TheFuelProject is a Christian fundamentalist, historical revisionist and a conspiracy theorist channel which is known for their paranoid beliefs about the modern society.[1]

Why They're Rotten

  1. As stated above, they're a Christian fundamentalist, historical revisionist, and a conspiracy theorist channel.
  2. They're homophobic and Islamophobic, not surprising from their distorted worldviews.[2][3][4][5][6]
  3. They think being gay is a choice, that trauma caused homosexuality and people can "leave the gay lifestyle".[7]
  4. They're associated with the Historical Revisionist movement, as they spew lies about some of the most important events in history:
    • They falsely called the French Revolution and the Enlightenment Age "Freemasonry", "Satanic" and "occult". Of all the benefits the movements have caused to the world, the society, and the human civilization, they only cared about that the movements made their religions being less followed, and that many people abandon Christianity.[8][9]
    • They also turn their back on the Founding Fathers of America by falsely labeled John Adams, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson as members of Freemasonry and Illuminati.[10]
    • They're also anti-science to the extreme.[11]
  5. They have a serious hatred of the Babylonian civilization.
  6. They intended to restore theocracy, implying that "real theocracy hasn't been tried yet" just like how Marxists claimed "real communism hasn't been tried yet" when theocracy has been implemented in Middle Eastern (with exception of Israel) and North African countries, and it has caused suffering to the citizens with multiple violations of human rights, strict censorship and totalitarian regimes that are being compared to Stalinism, Maoism, and North Korea.
  7. They have a video called "Has "Religion" Ever Caused Anything In The History of the World?", but if religions haven't caused any atrocities in the past, then so do Islam, Roman Catholicism, and Satanism. The real question is "Has "Protestant Christianity" Ever Caused Anything In The History of the World?"[12]
  8. They're also confusing. For example, they have a video called "Why Are Christian Countries The Least Corrupt On Earth?", but what they don't know is that while de jure those countries are Christian or Christian-majority countries, most of them have abandoned the teachings of The Testaments and start embracing progressive causes like drugs, pornography, same-sex marriages, abortion,... which obviously, are the things TheFuelProject opposes. And that's not to mention highly corrupt Christian countries in Central, East, and South Africa (except Botswana and South Africa). [13]
  9. Hypocrisy: They hate politics and claimed to tell the truth about how it ruins people's lives, yet they always talk about politics nonstop.[14]
  10. Every time their videos got taken down, they started bragging about the First Amendment and how supposedly YouTube is restricting their freedom of speech. One example is when they whine about one of their videos (The Trans Delusion) get deleted by YouTube.[15]


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