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|Date Joined=
|Other Media=
|No. of videos=
|Subscriber Count=


Notes: Use the operator <br> in source mode to add linebreaks within the table. Sections left blank will not be displayed. The title that appears at the top of the infobox will be the same as the name of the page it is on. Note that the picture field requires the extension (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) to be present, and requires that the File: or Image: part of the link not be present.

Using the following:

|Picture = Worst Mukbanger.jpeg
|Quote = "ItS jUsT WatEr WeIghT."
|Profile = [https://www.youtube.com/user/NikocadoAvocado Nikocado Avocado]
|Style = Mukbang Manbaby<br>Abusive Husband<br>Manipulator<br>Attenion Seeker
|Date Joined = May 27, 2014
|Twitter = [https://twitter.com/nikocadoavocado Nikocado Avocado]
|Facebook =
|Other Media = Instagram: [https://www.instagram.com/NikocadoAvocado/ nikocadoavocado]
|No. of videos = 643+
|Schedule = Weekly
|Status = Fully Active (All channels)
|Subscriber Count = 2.04M+

Results in the following (normally aligned on the right of the screen):

Worst Mukbanger.jpeg
"ItS jUsT WatEr WeIghT."
Profile: Nikocado Avocado
Style: Mukbang Manbaby
Abusive Husband
Attenion Seeker
Date Joined: May 27, 2014
Twitter: Nikocado Avocado
Other Media: Instagram: nikocadoavocado
No. of videos: 643+
Schedule: Weekly
Status: Fully Active (All channels)
Subscriber Count: 2.04M+