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This chat section is a request of why a company or websites is in it with a reason from you.


CrusaderPrime (talkcontribs)

I had added Wait Disney in the Chinesetankies page after I had found this on Iain Duncan Smith Twitter page and the news on Variety.

This is the screenshot of the letter on it.

Tell me what's wrong with this letter.

Wendover Productions

CrusaderPrime (talkcontribs)

I had made this discussion page on him to say is he a Chinesetankes. If so why?

Usea (talkcontribs)

They made videos like "Why China Is so Good at Building Railways", "How Africa is becoming China's China" and "How China built a Hospital in 10 Days" that do nothing but PRAISE the Chinese government. The comment sections of those videos are just full of Chinese Tankies praising the CCP for being "angels" that "get things done" while bashing "Western Imperialists"

CrusaderPrime (talkcontribs)

Yeah giving the title of africa video. (I had not watch it) Africa becoming like China by power is BS. If Africa is becoming like something like United Kingdom or South Africa then i can some what understand it. But if you going to talk about how Africa can become a superpower on par with China or even the United States. No that is near impossible as Africa climate will stop them for a hypothetical united Africa to be like the superpowers.

Plus i was thinking of page on them in Atrocious Youtubers Wiki.

(Edit Note: I found out his real name on wikipedia he is called Sam Denby. He also created the channel Half as Interesting and Sam from Wendover)

Usea (talkcontribs)

I think "How Africa is becoming China's China" is actually about the "Belt and Road Initiative", which is a plan for a China-centric trade route network accomplished through debt-trap diplomacy. The comment section of that video is full of Chinese Tankies saying things like "China is actually helping African countries while America just bombs them".

CrusaderPrime (talkcontribs)

Yeah but most Chinesetankies forget that America sometimes help Africa countries other then just "BOMB THEM ALL FOR MURCIA!!!". For example they did help Cameroon to stop the Islamic State in Africa. Plus China sometimes do more harm then help in some areas.

Plus i will watch that video one day in the future.

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