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"Let me fix that issue on this website"

TV Tropes is a website focused on listing the use of "tropes", archetypal traits and literature conventions that exist in several forms of media, such as advertisements, games and TV shows.


The site was created in 2003 by Gus Raley, a programmer who went by the alias of "Fast Eddie". It was first used as a discussion site for Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans, but the growth in userbase allowed it to expand to other TV shows. Despite its name, it increased its scope to other forms of media.

Bad Qualities

Disclaimer: While most of the issues had been already resolved or fixed since the renewal, there are problems that still persist in this site.

  1. Instead of Mediawiki engine it uses minimalistic PMWiki engine which lacks some traditional features, like moving pages.
  2. There's an excessive pandering to fandoms in the site, Doug Walker/The Nostalgia Critic being the most prominent example.
  3. Involved in the censorship of discussion related to Quinnspiracy during the early days before GamerGate came to being.
  4. The site, while it can be both educational and entertaining to read, can be easily vandalized because of in-fighting between fandoms and hatedoms.
    1. To give an example, the Whale Wars page was locked for years because it turned into a nasty battleground between those for and against whaling, hence the reason why it's very short compared to other work pages.
  5. Being a site that runs on ad revenue, certain controversial or sensitive topics cannot be discussed freely. "Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement" was only created because Fast Eddie was losing money from AdSense.
    1. The site had two incidents where Google's AdSense ads were withdrawn, because of NSFW content. After the "First Google Incident", NSFW content was locked behind a curtain (such as Baise-Moi) but after the "Second Google Incident" NSFW content was removed completely.
  6. Most trope names can be confusing to read for newcomers or for people who aren't used to the terminology of such. But then, they're tropes...
  7. Most of the subjective entries (such as Darth/Sugar Wiki pages) on the site can be considered exaggerated or simply out of place, thanks to their motto of "There's no such thing as notability".
  8. Speaking of which, their motto actually means they don't care if the sources editors post are valid or not.
  9. Too much pandering towards SocJus Warriors, to the point of people being openly hateful on Donald Trump for no reason at all.
  10. The forum can be rather toxic, discussions about entertainment can easily envelop into a political debate, and disagreement with progressive ideology can easily result in a ban.
  11. They think nothing is original, which is a lie considering that there are some very original works out there even to this day and saying something isn't original doesn't make it automatically bad.
  12. While most users aren't too bad in their comments with removing edits, one user, particularly around the Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Monster Hunter pages, is infamous for being overwhelmingly unhelpful and crude to the point of pointless antagonism. Fortunately, the mods eventually got sick of his shit, temporarily banned him, and gave a nasty speech on just why he was banned.
  13. At worst, there can be quite an amount of incorrect and misleading information, just like... any wiki in existence in which people can edit almost anything.
  14. Just recently, they implemented an adblocker warning into the site which cannot be disabled by adblock filter, persuading people to disable their adblock or purchase an ad-free pass, ignoring the fact that there are still many areas in the world where internet is slow and/or expensive.

Good Qualities

  1. The website can offer an interesting read and the indexing also helps in understanding what each trope means. Less controversial topics also gets decent coverage. Just stay off the forum and everything will be fine.
  2. Fast Eddie and his crew no longer control of the website and the improvement is visible.
  3. Several tropers (like GethN7) stood firmly against Fast Eddie's iron fist rule and made the site a lot better or simply migrated to All The Tropes Wiki (on Fandom) in an attempt to create a less restricted platform.
  4. It's easy to post speculation or theories of games there, as it is encouraged unlike the majority of FANDOM wikis.
  5. There is also a suicide hotline as well for some of its articles.
  6. Even if you don't know a lot about trope terminology, you can search articles via summaries of the trope (like "character who is perfect" or "something the hero pulls out of nowhere to win") on the Trope Launch Pad.



11 months ago
Score -5
Hold on just a Minute. This website along with others do give out interesting meanings of terms of tv tropes. It is a lot informative don’t you think. This along with wikis can find out some hidden information.


9 months ago
Score 1
Too bad!


6 months ago
Score 0

The mods are also rather unhelpful; I onced complained about another user being overwhelmingly condescending, but they basically told me to get over it.

Thanks Tvtropes.


6 months ago
Score 2
I mainly use the site to read stuff and sometimes edit from, mainly the "Adored by the Network" page.


2 months ago
Score 0
Same here.


5 months ago
Score 2
Many pages at TV Tropes are very funny and entertaining... unfortunately it have a shitton of bad qualites.

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