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This remains true to the majority of businesses. Best remain skeptical to anyone like Super Replicas who promises all three.

Super Replicas (also known as SupeReplicas or SupercarReplicas) is a shady Panama based company headed by Daniel Seppings (a.k.a Ken Scott, Tony Sinclair etc, who is said to be a religious extremist, scam artist and a pedophile). It promises their potential customers flawless replicas of exotic cars for only a fraction of the price of the original. However, its offers are simply too good to be true. And to this day, people have yet to hear from a single satisfied Super Replica customer.

Their current main website is, although they have changed their site's name several times and operates on several other rather suspicious looking sister sites.

Why They're Rotten

  1. The prices of their service are too good to be true:
    1. They claim that they can build a supercar replica with the latest Toyota Camry's V6 engine for just $20,000. However, that much money wouldn't even buy you a base model 4-cylinder Camry, much less a high-end V6 model (which costs more than $34,000).
    2. A replica car with a Corvette C6 Z06's LS7 V8 costs just $23,000 on their site while a second hand Corvette Z06 won't cost that little unless it had a lot of mileage or suffered from a severe malfunction.
    3. They also promised replicas powered by 570 hp Lamborghini V10s for just $75,000, on the other hand it's hard to find an actual Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera under $100,000.
  2. Unlike other legit replica car makers such as DNA Automotive or Factory Five Racing, Super Replicas never show their products. Instead, all photos found on their site are shots of original cars sourced randomly from the internet, some are obviously studio shots posted by the original manufacturers.
  3. Nearly all of their products have the same copy-pasted descriptions.
    • An interesting detail is that they claim all of their products come with Formula 1 paddle shift transmission. Really, for just 20K?
  4. False advertising: They claim that Tanner Foust, a host of Top Gear US, is their CEO. Even though both Foust and BBC denied any connection with Super Replicas.
  5. Some of their replicas are based on cars that are still being produced, meaning that it wouldn't have been possible to make them without being sued by manufacturers like Ferrari or BMW for copyright infringement. This is why replica makers usually stick to older vehicles.
  6. Some of its sister sites are even more ridiculous:
    1., which as absolutely nothing to do with the real Mansory.
    2., and yes, there're two "com"s in their URL.

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