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You can sugarcoat some goodies, but you can't sugar coat the truth.
Nickname: Sugarcoaters


Type: Toxic Move
Status: Active

Sugarcoating means to talk about or describe something in a way that makes it seem more pleasant or acceptable than it is.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Basically, these freaks would want to make something unpleasant or disagreeable seem attractive or palatable such as not being able to take constructive criticism or Ignoring Flaws.
  2. Some idiots would cross the line by sugarcoating bad things like pedophilia, COVID-19, disrespecting the dead, zoophilia, Cancel Culture, necrophillia, hybristophilia, homophobia, racism, etc.
  3. Some of them want to get away with reality or trouble which is rather simple when you think about it.
  4. They can make up lies like they can take the truth and make it look false. There is also some who sugarcoat news which can lead to fake news. That's why not everything on the internet is true.
    • On a similar note, sugarcoating communication is manipulative depending on what situation were talking about. Like, let's say someone were to talk about an issue or a bad quality and instead manipulates people into believing something false just by sugar coating. So it's not just the internet.
  5. Some use sugar-coating just to be a patronizing person just by telling themselves that they are good people, but they wrap up their message so that it won't "hurt other's feelings". In other words, they're basically wolves in sheep's clothing.
  6. Sugarcoating can also be used for bad parenting as well. It's nice to love your child and all, but parents need to be aware that Sugarcoating is not the answer to everything.
  7. Don't ever think about correcting them because they are not going to like it as usual. Another thing is that they will continue to sugar coat off their will.
  8. It's ironic that they call out other people for sugarcoating one situation, but they would also go on and sugarcoat another situation. How careless they are! The same goes for those who sugarcoat their favorite media in order to treat their opinions as facts (like nostalgiatards for example).
  9. They think sugarcoating makes a situation better when it doesn't. As mentioned before, it can get way terrifying if one person were to sugarcoat whatever topic they discuss. Even if the topic is serious!
  10. Some sugarcoaters on the internet would put innocent sugar on themselves by making some sockpuppet accounts thinking that they can fool other people.
  11. They think sugarcoating can help people when it doesn't. Think about it, there is a big difference between positive feedback and sugar coating. If it were sugarcoating, then they are making people go downhill because sugar coating is just rubbish.
  12. Vandals also sugarcoat whatever they like such as blanking or whatever else that can do.


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