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Strawberry Milk
Is it that hard to make your original artwork? IS IT REALLY THAT HARD? Strawberry Milk thinks it is since she's been tracing for a long time.
Gender: Female pretending to be male
Domain: YouTube
Art Strawberry had traced from
A screenshot of Strawberry Milk admitting that she steals art

Strawberry Milk (also known as Jeremy Fitzgerald (Not her real name, since it is a fake alias meant to catfish people)) is an 18-year-old "artist" who joined YouTube on September 11th, 2016. She's known for tracing and steal other people's artwork and other things that this page mentions.

Jeremy's real birthday

Original artwork is on the right. Artist is @Sunniiside on Twitter
ENKn0 kUcAAFrya.jpg
Proof of Strawberry lying about her age from a callout made by @GoatMarshmallow on Twitter

Why She's Rotten

  1. She's been known to trace/steal other people's artwork on Google+ (formally due to its closure), Deviantart, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter for more than six years now (Going to be seven this year). Shown by her many actions, she has no respect for the Art Community and the artists she traces, not helped that many people in the Art and Furry Communities, specifically those with large followings, aren't aware of her existence.
    • She tries too hard at making her traced art, not look traced, especially when she adds new stuff to the drawing to make it harder to find the original artist. Also, the art style in the traced artwork she uploads on her social media accounts tends to change a lot between posts, which raises red flags that Strawberry is a tracer.
    • She doesn't even try to hide that she traced the artwork, examples would include this and this.
    • Sometimes, she would repost someone's art (without their permission) with the signature or their name cropped out and would add stuff onto the image to make it challenging to find the image. [1]
    • What's sad about that is because she has been tracing artwork for more than five years.
    • One of the biggest problems she has is that she never learns from her mistakes and refuses to do so. When the original artist finds out that she traced or stole their artwork, and calls her out for it, she would then delete all of the art she traced from the artist and find another artist to copy.
    • She can't even go a full day or two without tracing/stealing someone's art.
    • She even admitted that she steals people's artwork, which you can find in the second image shown below.
    • She recolors the OC's she stole.
  2. She is a huge censorship monger, due to deleting and hiding comments calling out her horrible behavior. She also refuses to accept the consequences of her actions and instead resorts to lashing out and blocking people that call out her out..
  3. She stalks other artists just so she could trace their artwork. She even waits until the artist has posted their work so she could heavily reference from it.
    • This got so bad to the point where some artists even had to abandon and/or private their accounts just to prevent Strawberry from tracing the artwork they worked very hard on.
      • She stalked and harassed an Instagram artist named cheezitprick and which pushed them to abandon their main account just to get Strawberry to leave them alone.[2]
  4. Her Favorites on her now-deactivated PixelInserted-Block DeviantArt account contained a few of the original artwork that she traced.
  5. On Google+, she had multiple alt accounts in-case her current account was banned. She may have used them to increase her subscriber count.
    • On Instagram, she has 5 accounts, 2 being confirmed, and the other 3 are suspected of being alts.
  6. She is infamous for being an art/custom trade, commission, and adopt scammer.
    • She sold stolen OC's and still does to this very day, which resulted in Strawberry's PixelInsterted-Block account being on various blacklists such as the chameleon and user blacklist. [3]
      • She also sold stolen OC's on a few Amino communities], but thankfully the admins there were quickly notified of what she's doing and got banned on those communities before she more scammed people.[4]
      • She's very greedy, as she buys OCs that cost $3 but makes the price of the OCs she sells 10x the amount.
    • She uses her alt account on Instagram to sell OCs that doesn't belong to her.[5]
  7. She is an identity thief as she has stolen several pictures people took of themselves and had impersonated them as an attempt to hide that she's a girl.
    • She stole the identity of Jeremy Star by taking their selfies and claiming the images as her selfies, which you can find in one of the callouts Jeremy Star made on her below.
    • She also impersonated other people by stealing their selfies too.[6]
    • She may also steal the usernames of other artists she traces from like IllogicalVoid, s_trawberrymilk, and Sunniiside, making slight changes to the stolen username with examples like Illogical-V0id (She still uses this name to this very day), Strawberry Milk, and SunniiSiide.
    • Around November, 2020, she made a picture of a cosplayer as her profile picture on Instagram without their permisson.
  8. Her persona, Jerebear (The character with the light green hair and has deer ears and a tail), is a very bland and unoriginal character. He only exists due to Strawberry being in the FNAF Fandom previously, being a blatant rip-off of Rebornica's interpretation of what Jeremy Fitzgerald from FNAF 2 looked like and it's obvious too (What's funny is that Jerebear was originally named Jeremy Fitzgerald).
  9. Like Princess Ash, Strawberry has an unhealthy addiction of lying a lot.
    • When she makes an art trade with someone, she has a rule where the person who wanted to make the trade has to do their part first; then, Strawberry will do her half. When a person who made the art trade confronted Strawberry about her half of the deal, she used excuses to avoid doing her part like her "phone isn't working" and "Medibang doesn't work with Kindle"[7], basically scamming the person that did the trace with her.
    • When Jeremy Star confronted her on Google+ about the traced artwork, Strawberry claimed that art trades, a commission, and requests had bombarded her as an excuse to avoid talking to Jeremy. To this day, she never completed or updated those art trades she claimed to have. [8]
    • She likes to falsely accuse people of things they never did as an attempt to damage their reputation: proof 1, proof 2.
      • She also likes to spread false information about the people she hates, including her archenemy, Kittensrocks205.[9]
        • Speaking of Kittensrocks205, she stole an OC from Kittens and falsely accused them of stealing the OC with no evidence of them doing so.[10]
    • She claimed that an artist named Squidont allowed her to steal their OC because Squidont said she could make a monster breed cause they didn't claim them. Strawberry Milk also held their artwork as a hostage with a time limit with a means to ask Squidont questions. [11]
    • She lies about her gender a lot (And we mean a lot) by claiming she's male when there's evidence she's female, here is proof she is a girl by the way.
    • She lies about her age as well. She keeps changing her age resulting in nonsense about what her age is, as her age jumps between 16-20 years old. Her actual age is 17.
      • The reason why she lies about her age is that she could follow artists that draw NSFW art. Keep in mind that Strawberry is still a minor until later this summer, and she could get the NSFW artists she followed online arrested thanks to her.
        • She may even trace NSFW artwork from them.[12]
        • She even has a classified section on her Discord that she uses to save links to drawings that he could trace (with one being a very NSFW drawing). When confronted about it, she would then delete the messages and kick the user who exposed her.[13][14]
    • She even denies any accusations against her despite there are trainloads of evidence.
      • She tries to hide the fact that she's a shitty person from her followers and her boy/girlfriends, resulting in her fans believing the false shit that comes out of Strawberry's mouth and antagonize anyone that hates Strawberry.
    • She claims she is Canadian, but her IRL photos of her says otherwise.
  10. Other than artwork, she would steal other people's OC's. She will claim that she had obtained the characters through trade, and will either beg her followers for fanart of the stolen character or will put the character up for sale immediately after posting the Stolen OC.
    • She may also steal species from other artists and will make it as her own, which is very disrespectful to the original artist.[15]
    • She would also steal the OC's name.
  11. Don't let her kindness fool you, it's a façade. She's very rude and will lash out on people for no reason, and she has done and said several bad things besides tracing and stealing art.
    • She wishes death on anyone she hates.
      • She told someone that she hopes that they die.[16]
      • On her Instagram, she got very attached to her account to the point where she would say heartless and mean-spirited things about Kittens, such as admitting she wished that Kittens was dead and that she writes death notes about her.[17]
    • When she lost ownership of one of her Aminos, her archenemy, Kittensrocks205, took this as an opportunity to tell the people there about the shitty things Strawberry did. But Strawberry didn't want her image ruined, so she tried to hide that Kittens was doing so, she immediately posted after Kittens did to protect her posts from the members on the Amino. These posts include things such as false information about Kittens and stuff about her new Amino. Strawberry also left rude comments on Kittens' posts and DMed her calling her names and said other mean-spirited things.[18]
    • This.
    • When Kittens accused Strawberry of tracing an artwork, Strawberry denied copying the art and called them a bitch even though what she said is actually true.[19]
    • She would call Kittens a 13-year-old brat which is pretty immature.[20]
    • Whenever people ask her for her side of the story, she would refuse and say, "I don't care."
    • She made this video showing that she takes her hatred toward Kittensrocks205 way too far (see WSA #9).
  12. She accidentally doxxed her personal information like her address, real name, etc., making her vulnerable to predators and pedophiles to blackmail her easily.
    • She even leaked her mother's Facebook account
  13. She dates multiple girlfriends and boyfriends at the same time, which is cheating. Since she's a girl pretending to be male and goes under the "Jeremy" alias, she is practically catfishing them into believing that Strawberry is a boy.
  14. Strawberry would brainwash her fans into thinking that the original artists she traced from and the people that call her out are the bad guys. It got worse to the point that one fan even said that they want to kill one of the artists Strawberry traced from.[21]
    • They fail to realize that they are supporting someone that traces art for profit.
    • Strawberry's brainwashing got so bad to the point where some of them became white-knights.
      • Speaking of which, a white-knight of Strawberry harassed goth.opossumz via DMs and claimed that Strawberry/Jeremy is good and isn't a tracer, said that Kittensrocks205/Yellowchickenbaby stalks her even though Kittens is gathering evidence against Strawberry. What's even worse about the white-knight is that they're the same person who said they wanted to kill Goth, but hypocritically said to Goth not to harm themselves.][22]
      • Another white-knight made a poorly made callout post on Kittensrocks205 claiming that she harasses, stalks, and makes false accusations on Strawberry without showing evidence.[23]
  15. When she gets caught stealing or tracing, she will do the following things in a pattern:
    • She will play the victim card and cry harassment for easy sympathy points whenever she gets called out.
    • She will also retreat to her Discord server and Amino to avoid negotiating with the original artist or their followers.
    • When she gets caught for stealing artwork and is asked by the original artist to take it down, she takes down the artwork and finds another artist to plagiarise.
      • Sometimes she may say bad things about the original artist, making them look like the bad guys instead of Strawberry Milk.[24]
      • She may also steal from the artist again despite the artist telling her to stop tracing art from them and being aware of her existence.
    • She may also change her username on all of her social media accounts she's active on to make it challenging to search her account.
      • She changes her Instagram username constantly.
    • She will pretend that the incident didn't occur and will try to sweep it under the rug.
    • When confronted via DMs, she would say things like, "I don't care."
  16. When an artist took down Strawberry Milk's art that was traced from them on Deviantart, she threatened the original artist by saying that she'll come back by making more accounts, keep that in mind.
    • It also proves Strawberry Milk is very egotistical since she feels likes she's better than the people she's tracing from and figured it'd be fun to intimidate the original artist because she seems to think she's innocent.
    • It also even give WSA reason #3 evidence that she makes alt accounts to evade bans.
  17. When she stole Tigertower's OC and got caught, she made a post saying that their "OC" isn't a carbon copy of Tigertower's OC because the colors were changed, even though her character has the same color palette as Tigertower's character. Strawberry also tried to pretend that it never happened.
  18. She gives the Art Community, the FNAF Fandom, the LGBTQ+ Community (due to Strawberry pretending to be transgender on WSA #7), and the Furry Fandom a lousy name.
  19. Her social media usernames (especially the ones on her Instagram) are very unoriginal and makes no sense at all. Examples include i_hear_you_pumpkin and official_webtoon_artist.
    • She likes to overuse the word "dad," and "baby" in a lot of her usernames
    • Sometimes she would put nonsensical things into her Instagram username
    • Some usernames even have broken English in them. not.official.but.scientist is an example of this
    • Some usernames may also have gibberish stuff in it. For instance, "danblawanwhiskesglnassesvju."
  20. On Instagram, she tried to take down accounts of the original artists she traced from via false copyright claims.
  21. She made a post on Instagram that's trying to guilt-trip the people that called her out for tracing. We aren't even joking. She also says that if people helped her to stop tracing, she would stop tracing and make original art. What's very hypocritical about that is because people tried to help Strawberry stop tracing, yet she was rude about it.
  22. Whenever she gets banned on any social media platform she's on, she would make another account or two to evade that ban. Proof. (See WSA #13)
    • It's most likely that the alt account she made on Instagram (username is illuminaghtii_oc_n_art_stashhh) was created in case her current account was banned.
  23. She is too immature to handle any kind of criticism.
    • She would block people that call her out for tracing other artists.
    • She also privates her social media and retreats to her discord server and Amino
  24. Rampant amounts of hypocrisy.
  25. She once admitted that the Discord link in her Instagram's bio was fake.
  26. For a 17-year old that is about to turn 18, she is incredibly perverted for her age possibly due to her parents not keeping an eye on what she looked at online when she was younger.
  27. She claimed that she wouldn't trace 0nly4bae's art, but did it anyways.
  28. Her Discord server, Sunny Side Diner™, is terrible. If not just as bad as Princess Ash's Reptilian Sisterhood Discord server.
  29. Sheis very manipulative as she would use depression as an attempt to gain sympathy points from her friends and followers. She also does this to obtain anything she wants, such as free fanart.
    • She would also harass her friends for free fanart of her stolen OCs.
  30. She even traced art her friends made.
  31. She is shown to have severe trust issues. For example, she recently held a survey on her Instagram as an attempt to find out if any of her followers are spies. Strawberry instantly blocked anyone who chose the negative option on the survey and those that confronted Strawberry via DMs and asked her to unblock them because they accidentally chose that option was seen as liars by her.
  32. On her Discord server, she whined and complained because she ordered a Nintendo Switch case and didn't get the one she wanted, and said she got depressed over it. All of this happened over a Switch case.
  33. She stole a design from Marshmallow_Go4t out of spite due to being called out by them multiple times.
  34. She changed the gender of an OC she stole by changing it from female to male for no reason.
  35. Strawberry can't even respect the gender pronouns that her detractors go by because "they don't deserve respect and they didn't respect her". For example, both the beware account and goth.opossumz go by they/them pronouns, but Strawberry uses female pronouns when referring to them instead.
  36. She is an incest shipper due to the fact that she shipped Hanzo and Genji (from Overwatch) together (despite being brothers) if one were to look at a callout post showing one of her old bios.
  37. She stole SpookDaddyCos's trademark name and made it as their username on When she was confronted by a mutual of SpookDaddy on Discord, she was very rude to them and said that "nobody can't own a name". Thankfully, the account got banned.

Evidence Gallery

Evidence that proves the actions made by Strawberry. The pictures provided here are from theyellowchickenbaby, MarshallowGo4t, and a callout account that changes their username a lot. It's highly recommended to check them out It's just in case she or a fan discovers this page.

Callouts and Warnings Made About Her

Account Names She Has/Had

These are the names her accounts has or formally had. Some of the usernames are stolen from the artists (as well as the name of the artist's characters) she traced from.

  1. Marionette The Puppet
  2. jere_weeb_productions
  3. Purple "Cuphead" Guy
  4. Space Dad (That One Dad)
  5. Purple Guy
  6. Bird Dad (That One Dad)
  7. PixelInsert-Block
  8. Terrance
  9. Jerebot
  10. i_hear_you_pumpkin
  11. jingling_bell_boy
  13. pastel._.loving._.hubby
  14. bajablast.beanball
  15. nortistic.northern.lights
  16. so.many.pretty.lights
  17. big__boy__bastion__enthusiest
  18. bastion_robot_enthusiest
  19. northern.light.daddo
  20. nullsecting.bastion.official
  21. not.official.but.scientist
  22. attackingtucans_nottheofficial
  23. jeremy_weebtoon_artist_n_gamer
  24. official_webtoon_artist
  25. baby_boy_baby_foxkit_artist_bb
  26. tiny_foxkit_and_fluffy_artist
  27. megamegaofhoneyinsideme
  28. cutelittlefoxkitwhohasdiscord
  29. Illogicalv0id - Stolen from @IllogicalVoid
  30. Owl Dad
  31. OfficialCakeDragon
  32. danblahanwhiskesglassesvju
  33. danblawanwhiskesglnassesvju
  34. kinky_cyborg_ninja
  35. stawberry_honey_cakes
  36. innocent_jeremy_fitzgearld - Very ironic considering that you're a thief
  37. angelllicbalybeearwithhcakess
  38. pebblelicbalybeearwithhcakess - Stolen from @pebblejuice
  39. gengars_artistic_buissness
  40. poppins_artistic_pokelab - Poppins is stolen from Popfizzle's character of the same name
  41. poppins__pokelab
  42. poppins.__.pokelab.bewarb
  43. Poppins™
  44. naghtii_triangle.bewarb - Naghtii is the name of a character that she stole
  45. naghtii_triangle_dork_beware
  46. Koi Pond
  47. Jamison (Snow Flake)
  48. zeek.ze.doggo.pokemon
  49. luxray_the_blue_pokemon
  50. but.he.come.he.go.woah
  51. illuminati_art_n_co
  52. illuminaghtii_oc_n_art_stashhh
  53. ocs_adopts_andmoretocome
  54. dork_and_progresso_oc_account
  55. naghtii_triangle__b_b_b_beware
  56. hongyu.uwu.lulul.ouo
  57. izuku_mydoryia_one_for_all_
  58. issac_fanart_blog_or_page
  59. AngeliccCakies
  60. deku_and_bakugo_ship_group
  61. fanart_adopt_and_art_page
  62. cinnamon-art-n-asks
  63. balastic_mha_arristic_sodaaa
  64. allmight_mha_teal_sodaalious
  65. galaxys_art_and_oc_files



  • Strawberry is currently 17 years old as of early January, 2021.
  • Her actual birthday is June 17th, 2003

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I'll say this again. I'm a tracer, but she makes us tracers look awful. I wouldn't steal something just for the sake of it. If I had, I would, at least, give credit.


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People like daftpina love to witchunt tracers.


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Tracing is only justifiable if you only do it to learn new art styles, anatomy, and poses or do it for some laugh as long as you give proper credits to the original artists and not monetize the traced works.


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A female version of Cristali, but did not get arrested.


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