Stop Normalizing Nazis

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Stop Normalizing Nazis - Socially Conscious Game Design - Extra Credits
Should've never done this, Extra Credits.
Run Time: 5:56
Type: SJW propaganda video
Uploaded: July 3rd, 2019
Status: Public
View Counts: +1,000,000

Stop Normalizing Nazis - Socially Conscious Game Design - Extra Credits is a video made by Extra Credits (mostly written by James Portnow and Matthew Krol), who are infamously known to be "progressive" SJWs that was uploaded on July 3, 2019.

Why It's Rotten

  1. It starts off by saying that playing World War 2 video games automatically, "makes one a Nazi" which falls in line with the Slippery Slope fallacy.
  2. They tried to debunk the fact that the Wehrmacht is not part of the Nazis, although it was actually a significant role in Nazi Germany.
  3. They say people who play as terrorist in games such as the Counter Strike series, are just bad as Nazis. Once again, this falls under the Slippery Slope fallacy.
  4. They think gamers' relatives would be traumatized because of video games with the option of playing as Nazis or terrorists.
  5. A lack of comedic value without Daniel Floyd whatsoever, as they want their video to be really serious.
  6. They think people will draw swastikas for no apparent reason, even though that is not true.
  7. They also think people who plays as a Nazi or a terrorist too much would make them think that terrorists rule the world.
  8. Bringing up unrelated topics such as global warming, it is a recognizable problem, but global warming does not have anything to do with video games or Nazis.
  9. Even the simplest "Red vs Blue" team mode is still bad to them.
  10. They think Rainbow Six Siege is PVP anti-terrorist training. It's just a video game.
  11. They think Nazis shouldn't exist for historical reasons; if a game centered around WW2 does not mention or have a group similar to Nazis in it, then it is historically inaccurate.
    • While this may be offensive, history shouldn't be forgotten, no matter how bad it may be today.
  12. They believed games that include Nazis or terrorists automatically have a bad purpose.
  13. They recommend that those who choose to be a Nazi or terrorist should have more waiting time, even though it provides little difference.
  14. They contradict themselves, for example they say that, "no game should have Nazis or terrorists" yet just a few minutes later they say that they're not saying there should be no games with Nazis or terrorists. Pick a side, not both.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Like in every single video that Extra Credit did, The art style is decent.


When the video was first released, it had already been panned by users and even their own fans for being progressive, having too much morality policing, and having lack of gaming or historical research, which made the video earn over 48,686 dislikes. Some also point out that Extra Credits once sponsored World of Tanks, where in that game players can be Nazis, which can go to show that they're hypocrites. Because of this, many users started to roast the video over alt-right jokes and game mechanics.

As for Extra Credits, they tried to defend their video by making a comment to justify it, saying that Nazis in game don't "magically" turn into a Nazi nor terrorist in real life, but many users disagree. Also, Extra Credits made a tweet on Twitter saying political correctness matters in gaming as they claim terrorists and Nazis shouldn't be character skins for players to try on.

The same day the Extra Credits community manager accused the user who disliked the video and unsubscribe from their channel. This goes to show that they cannot accept criticism.

Because of this video and their response to criticism Extra Credits ended up losing about 25k of their subscribers.

When Kiwi Farms responded to this controversy, they found it hysterical of Extra Credits having too much "black-and-white" morality and one sided leftists.









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Damn it Extra Credits, you have screwed it up this time.

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