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Kiwi Farms’ cuck of cucks.

"It's easy to be angry of Steve, he acts like such an asshole that he deserves it. But personally at this point, I just feel sorry for him, I feel sorry for the situation that he's in; I feel for him being judged so harshly on the music he listens to, on the books he reads, on the authors of the books he likes to read. Because I'm sure most of them are white men."---Sargon of Akkad on Steve Shives

Steve Shives (also known as Night Wing Wilson) is an American atheist YouTuber who is also a self-proclaimed male feminist previously famous for his "5 Stupid Things..." series and "Atheist read" series (readalongs to popular Christian texts). He's known for stirring up drama at an alarming high rate.

One can't help but feel sad for his existence because of his lack of self-respect and he simply hates in essence what he is, this and his preachy attitude has pretty much made him the laughing stock of the atheist community.

Why He Has More Than A Few Screws Loose...

  1. He's extremely pro-SocJus.
  2. He dogmatically supports feminism (the bad kind) to the point that one would think he has virtually no self-respect or shame.
  3. Ridiculous to the point of insanity. He is constantly apologizing for being male, white and benefiting from what he calls his "white male privilege". That is, Shives believes that he is privileged despite that fact that...
    • A: He grew up in a family that is far from wealthy.
    • B: He was homeless at once point.
    • C: He has autism (truthfully, no distasteful joke), which means he, sadly, is mentally disabled.
    • D: His wife, Ashley, is very abusive and can only be described as a "feminist harpy" who called Shives sexist judging only from his book and music collections. Some say that she's the main reason that Shives (who literally acts like her pet slave) supported feminism in the first place. He didn't want to support it, he was forced to.
  4. Like most modern day feminists, Shives has a very toxic mindset, stubbornly believe that feminism is for equality and that the society was still as bigoted as it was in the 60s; becoming very hostile, inflammatory and condescending when his dogma was challenged. He constantly accuses men of being "right-wingers", "immature", "misogynistic" or members of the "He-Man women haters club" or whatever that is... for being angry over things like an unfair divorce settlement or not being able to see their own children afterwards. He believes that if you so much as care about these legitimate issues, you should simply find the MRA subreddit and f*** yourself.
    • Sargon of Akkad claims that he believes Shives' attitude was caused by the fear he possesses of his radical feminist wife.
  5. Like many other Social Justice Warriors, Shives is literally allergic to different opinions, facts, evidence or criticism and tries his best to build an echo chamber around him. His tendency to censor any disagreement on YouTube comments got so bad that Urban Dictionary created a new definition for "Shive": to block (online, in order to push out all dissenting opinions).
    • According to Shoe0nHead, Shives became so salty after she and Armoured Skeptic made a video about him that "He went on a blocking rampage then started subtweeting about him for 24 hours like a 13 year old girl in a fight with her bff. it was the most glorious dance of projection and butthurt i have ever seen."
  6. Like many other Social Justice Warriors, Shives is a hypocrite. He's very apologetic towards Muslims, despite the fact that he is an atheist who claims that all religions are equally false.
  7. He was also apologetic towards pedophiles.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least he doesn't buy in rape culture.


  1. On Kiwi Farms, a poll was launched voting for "the true cuck of cucks". Steve Shives came out first with 121 votes. While 2nd place, Jonathan McIntosh, got only 69 votes.
  2. He was once interviewed by The Thinking Atheist YouTube channel, the interview was so negatively accepted that it left the men behind the channel utterly confused.
  3. He actually posted some nude photos of his on several adult sites such as Xtube and Xpress.