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Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow logo.svg
Type of site: Q&A site
Language: Multilingual
Created by: Jeff Atwood
Joel Spolsky
Owner: Stack Exchange Inc.
Date of launch: September 15, 2008
Status: Active

Stack Overflow is a site where programmers get help in issues regarding programming in general, working in a similar way to sites like Yahoo! Answers.

Why Their Business Is Rotten

  1. The community is strict and atrocious, it's more like policing how should you answer a question than actually answering the question
    • You will get spammed by downvotes and your questions will put on to hold if people think your question is too long to read (even when it isn't).
  2. They answer many stupid questions and lock many good questions.
  3. Too much hate on new users, new users can get mistreated and abused for being new.
    • They sometimes also say things like “read documentation”, “write your own code”, “this is not how to use this site” etc... to new users.
  4. The system isn't great, it's possible to get over 100,000 points by just badly answering questions.
  5. Sometimes, the mods actually shut down questions just because they find it too difficult to answer, which contradicts the site's purpose.
  6. The downvote on questions are free, trolls could just downvote every single question and some users can witch-hunt others by downvoting, in fact you can downvote a question made by someone you don't like, we're not kidding.
  7. There are a lot of SJWs there but it's uncommon, even the chances of finding such there are rare.
  8. The company announced that content license was changed, by force. This was questioned as being illegal.
  9. One of the moderators, Monica Cellio, has apparently been fired for no good reason.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It can be really useful at times.
  2. It used to be a good site where moderators and community aren't strict, probably before the early 2010s.
  3. A site where you answer programming problems is actually a great concept on paper, but it's executed poorly just like TheTopTens and Amino Apps.
  4. It is somewhat better than Yahoo! Answers.
  5. At least spam is rare and is quickly removed.




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