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#REDIRECT [[Vice]]
|Picture=Vice news logo .jpg
|Caption=Website of vice, indeed!
|Type of site=Lifestyle
|Created by=Suroosh Alvi<br/> Shane Smith<br/> Gavin McInnes
|Owner=Vice Media
|Date of launch=October 1994
}}'''''VICE''''' is the website accompanying the Canadian print magazine of the same name which later expanded to the flagship of Vice Media, the website was originally founded as viceland.com in 1996 but it combined with VBS.tv into Vice.com in 2011.
==Why It Sucks==
#VICE never hesitates to push SJW and feminazi agendas. Here's a good [[mh:crappygames:VICE's Forza Horizon 3 review|example.]]
#*They believe that men should be treated horribly such as being put on a leash and led through town square covered in fecal matter.
#*They ironically talk down on women by saying they will never be better at men at sports. Even though there are successful female athletes like Ronda Rousey and Serena Williams.
#Despite seemingly advocating for women's rights, feminism, and gender wage gap reduction, VICE's working environment is extremely sexist, and sexual misconducts are rampant.
#*A former female employee covering a story about sex workers in a developing country said VICE attempted to "sensationalize and exploit" the women depicted. On one occasion, producers requested her to go undercover as a prostitute, which she refused. She also remarks being oriented to swear more while on camera.
#Also, despite claiming to support women's rights to bodily autonomy, they hypocritically have no such compassion towards men's rights. Most notably, they have published articles endorsing infant male circumcision and mocking anyone who argues then males also reserve the right to consent and bodily autonomy regarding the procedure.
#According to former VICE project manager Elizabeth Rose, women in some of the same positions as their male counterparts were paid anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000 less.
#* In fact, Rose herself was paid $25,000 less than a man hired in under her!
# VICE forced their female employees to sign a [https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4203989-Non-Traditional-Workplace-Agreement.html NDA] barring them from speaking out about any potential or perceived ills taking place at the company, which include sexual misconduct, harassment, or abuse.
# They like to paint the GamerGate consumer revolt as an alt-right harassment group for fear that GG will further expose their corruption and lack of ethics.
# Most Ironically, many employees accused of sexual abuse and harassment, such as Sam Kriss and Michael Hafford are either male-feminists or anti-Gamergate critics, or both. Even VICE's president, Andrew Creighton, was once sued for sexual harassment.
# VICE had Michael Tracey fired for revealing that [[mh:terribletvshows:Lena Dunham]] deceived the public about voting Clinton in a primary.
# They are very hypocritical, VICE once called out [[Gawker]] Media for their clickbait, yet VICE is just as bad in terms of Inappropriate content, use of profane language, and click bait articles.
#* Vice UK even has an article saying that people should swear less and on the ironic note, the writer of that article cusses himself.
#*Despite finding attractive women offensive. They have no qualms gawking over-sexualized men, they've called ''Magic Mike XXL'' the most important feminist film of 2015. And that the Togan Skier should get a gold medal for his attractive looks.
# Like some pro-SJW websites, VICE sometimes makes anti-American claims. They've threatened to '''blow up''' Mount Rushmore like the Nazis in ''Wolfenstein: The New Order''.<ref>[http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/08/17/vice-editor-lets-blow-mount-rushmore/ Vice editor: "Let's blow up Mount Rushmore."]</ref>
#*They claim identity politics will save America. Despite the fact that ID politics is highly divisive and encourages discrimination between people of different ethnic groups or gender.
#*They've also blamed American food for the rise of obesity in Kuwait.
#Said it was hard to build a PC, despite their technology section being called “Motherboard”.<ref>[https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/kb7g8w/pc-gaming-is-still-way-too-hard/ PC Gaming is still way too hard]</ref>
# Took down their archiving so it wouldn't be used as evidence against them.<ref>[https://theralphretort.com/vice-disabled-archiving-sites-against-them/ Vice disabled archiving sites against them]</ref>
# They retracted a fake news story about Trump as part of their anti-right wing agenda.<ref>[http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/06/29/vice-retracts-fake-news-story-about-president-trump-and-disney-park-attraction/ Vice retracts fake news story about President Trump and Disney Park attraction]</ref>
# They are pretty defensive of their fellow gaming journalists involved in corruption.<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/bn3gad/its-ok-to-be-mad-at-games-journalism-but-dont-be-a-moron-about-it-345/ It's ok to be mad about games journalism, but don't be a moron about it]</ref><ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/kwxejx/how-modern-games-coverage-has-reduced-critics-to-human-punching-bags-224/ How modern games coverage has reduced critics to human punching bags]</ref>
# They said climate skeptics are "full of shit".<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/qk7gxb/climate-skeptics-are-half-right-and-100-percent-full-of-shit/ Climate skeptics are half-right and 100 percent full of shit]</ref>
# One-sided documentaries such as portraying [[mh:crappygames:Zoë Quinn|Zoe Quinn]] in a positive light. Even though she is a highly toxic game developer and has help spread lies about GamerGate.
# Supports the 2014 Ukrainian Euromaidan which completely ruined the country and forfeited it to US assets.
# On the other hand if a show does not agree with their views, they will bash the show and add anything to further regressive-left narratives.
# Highly bigoted towards Asians and Caucasians. Saying that the former contributes towards white supremacy.<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/exkdbz/how-asian-americans-contribute-to-white-supremacy/ How Asian Americans contribute to white supremacy]</ref> Yet ironically they claimed that the Oscars show that it is ok to mock Asian Americans.<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/mvxd5v/the-oscars-show-that-people-think-its-still-funny-to-mock-Asians/ The Oscars show that people think it's still funny to mock Asians]</ref>
# They are highly supportive of celebrity culture. And they also place them on a high pedestal. Out of irony, they admitted to celebrities knowing nothing about politics. Such as when Kanye West planning to run for president and him supporting Trump.
# VICE likes to push for gender and racial politics in entertainment, for example, they were against the poster of Apocalypse choking Mystique in ''X-Men Apocalypse'' (because apparently, violence against women in an ACTION MOVIE is problematic while violence against men is okay). And they also claim how ''Batman V. Superman'' is exactly how it feels to be a Muslim in America.<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/exq3qj/batman-v-superman-is-actually-a-good-depiction-of-the-american-muslim-experience/ Batman v Superman is actually a good depiction of the American Muslim experience]</ref>
#*They were pushing LGBT identity politics in MGSV.<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/9bgkm3/if-metal-gear-solid-v-is-incorporating-a-transgender-narrative-it-needs-to-get-it-right-000/ If Metal Gear Solid V is incorporating a transgender narrative, it needs to get it right]</ref> And they also believe in the queer retelling of original stories to push in more LGBT identity politics.
#*As part of their anti-male agenda, they called Nathan Drake a monster.<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/vdxjj8/uncharteds-nathan-drake-is-a-video-gaming-monster-123/ Uncharted's Nathan Drake is a video gaming monster]</ref>
#*Any show with a predominantly black cast or black production team is sung with praises and overly positive reviews from VICE, instead of focusing on the quality of script, story, and acting for reviews.
#*A show such as ''Preacher'' on the other hand would be bashed for being "exploitative".
#*Another irritating aspect with VICE is that they're never satisfied at all with representation. Even with the TV show ''Riverdale'' having an Asian character they still complain about how they make Asians look weird.<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/gv7baj/there-are-more-asian-roles-in-teen-dramas-but-they-still-make-us-seem-weird/ There are more Asian roles in teen dramas but they still make us seem weird]</ref>
#*''Game Of Thrones'' was bashed by them for its "whiteness".<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/8gexwp/game-of-thrones-is-even-whiter-than-you-think/ Game of Thrones is even whiter than you think]</ref> Even though it is set in Westeros and many other ethnic groups were also featured. They've even gone as far as to claim that all Americans are violent psychopaths just by watching Game Of Thrones.<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/avawy5/game-of-thrones-confirmed-my-immigrant-parents-suspicions-that-americans-are-violent-psychopaths/ Game of Thrones confirmed my immigrant parents' suspicions that Americans are violent psychopaths]</ref>
#*They claimed that ''Isle Of Dogs'' is white people culturally appropriating Japan. And that Justin Bieber wearing dreadlocks is proof of Caucasians stealing everything.
#*They oddly admitted to enjoying ''The Red Strings Club'' until they were mad over one transgender character in the game.
#*They pointlessly complained about how there are too many black people in ''Far Cry 5,'' despite their beliefs of social justice and third-wave feminism. The game was written, <span>ironically,</span> by a '''''black author'''''.
# They are pretty defensive of the BBC.<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/mvxavy/why-we-should-care-about-bbc-bashing-162/ Why we should care about BBC bashing]</ref> Even with its history of political correctness and series of inaccuracies.
# They are part of the "entitled gamers" movement, saying that have no idea how good they really have it.
# According to them if you have the Kardashians you have self-hatred of yourself.
# One made a ridiculous article on Motherboard saying that Waluigi shouldn't be in ''Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'' and giving a big "F You" to fans of the character for the sake of dissing the fans. Though some fans can be obnoxious, this came with such petty reasoning (or lack of thereof) that the backlash was immense. They even went as far as to bash the Mario + Rabbids crossover, which was really well received as a solid strategy game.
# They support the banning of all zoos in America.<ref>[https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/gqmvzx/why-we-should-close-all-zoos-778/ Why we should close all zoos]</ref>
# They claimed that the fighting game scene does not need ''Street Fighter'' at all to survive, even though Street Fighter is an important part of the fighting game scene to this day.
# [https://archive.vn/u2pxj They tried to justify the harassment of NASA scientist Matt Taylor over him wearing a T-shirt with scantily-clad women].
# They are involved in drug smuggling and one editor was bringing in drug mules.
# According to them in the future we should engage in '''coprophilia''' to make the future better.
# Current premier of Ontario Doug Ford was supported by Vice. Even though they are primary far left.
# They claimed many atheists were becoming members of the alt-right.
# They called online harassment, especially those directed at women to terrorism.
# Some articles are very ridiculous such as 'is cocaine vegan'?
# They were mad that comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock refused to perform at colleges due to the politically correct environment, yet Ali Wong another comedian was supported due to her Chinese background.
# Vice has altered shots during the editing process in pursuit of more entertaining or impactful scenes. In a 2011 documentary on Libya, a voice-over from the reporter claimed that he had gone to the front lines amidst an offensive, while a source claims he did not make the trip, with only a cameraman going there.
# They are copyright claiming any YouTube video that is related to the video game ''Dead Cells'', possibly due to the drama originated from an IGN video-review that [[plagiarized]] another video-review word for word.
==The Only Good Quality==
#They made a good job to post the coverages of the Euromaidan Protest in Ukraine, the 2019 Hong Kong Protest, and the 2020 Belarusian Protest, to promote not just democracy, but human rights.
* One of the site’s founders, Gavin Mcinnes, is ironically a member of a far-right organization called the Proud Boys. Before he left due to creative differences.
* Originally the magazine Vice was supposed to be a anti-political rebel against all forms of politics direction before they shifted over to "woke" politics.
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