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Spambots are troll accounts that spam automated messages, whether it be spam, viruses, etc. Web hosts and website operators and webmasters usually respond by banning spambots (impossible to do if more than one) or using IP blockers on websites (e.g. ZB Block, Incapsula), leading to an ongoing struggle between them and the bots in which spammers find new ways to evade the bans and anti-spam programs, and hosts counteract these methods.


  • YouTube was notorious for spambots that advertised survey-to-download sites via url shorteners.
    • One of those spambots was nicknamed "Your Angelica", which includes other variants such as "Your Milena", "Your Girl, "Good Girl", etc. The spambot gave out malicious messages which installed an extension which is capable of messing up Google Chrome and redirecting the user to malicious websites.
    • The comments section of videos uploaded by popular YouTube channels sometimes contain unverified channels of the same name the channel is using, ones that lead to websites that are actually spam sites. The way they use this is portraying themselves as the channel thanking the viewers for watching and they give a link in the comment section leading towards the site.
    • In early 2014, YouTube had (and currently still has) a problem where spambots would steal other people’s videos and re-upload them on their channels while getting away with copyright infringement.
    • Since July 2016, YouTube has had a problem where bots would frequently create infinite playlists with long titles, flooding search results.
  • DeviantArt had bots flood forums with foreign-like link pages. It is pretty obvious to tell that it's one of those bots if the title is an spam link.
  • Twitter has numerous spam accounts, and many of them link to pornography and spam sites.
  • Roblox is very rampant with spambots spamming groups and items, as well as sending friend requests with links to malicious "free Robux" sites that would steal one's account or infect their computer. The bots that sent friend requests were rampant during the summer of 2017 (as 'ClickMe' or 'DontClickMe'). The 2018 summer's "real name-and-number" bots were not as common as last year's bots.
  • Commonly most spambots are known to originate from India or China. But, they also originate from countries like Vietnam and Russia.

Why They Suck

  • They are used to troll people.
  • Much of the accounts can contain inappropriate content such as porn and scams.
  • Sometimes, they can be used as malware attacks.
  • The sites that they link can even steal your own personal information, like in Roblox.
  • The bots on YouTube, Twitter, and Roblox can actually HACK USERS!
  • They appear almost everywhere