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Smoloko News
Type of site: Conspiracy
Language: English
Created by: Scottie Spencer

Smoloko News is an independent alt-right Jewish conspiracy website and “news” organization founded and run by Scottie Spencer, a native of Youngstown, Ohio. Smoloko News promotes hate and Anti-Semitic rhetoric such as “BAN THE PARASITIC JEWISH GROUP AND SAVE HUMANITY”. Aside from mainly attacking Jewish people, Smoloko also promotes hatred for Muslims, LGBTQ, Feminists, Catholics and pretty much anyone else who is not a straight WASP male. This "news" Website is also a Nazi-apologist and Neo-Nazi sympathizer, Fascist, White nationalist, White supremacist, and a Holocaust denier for some reason. The goal of this website is to promote their hatred as well as making fake news about it.

Why It's Rotten

  1. They are responsible for spreading Antisemitic propaganda throughout the internet.
  2. They blame all the Jews for everything.
  3. Their website design is extremely poor, as it looked like it came straight from the 1990s. The background is black and with a logo in contrast to a white and blue font with nauseating neon lights with tacky hover-over effects. The overprinted text makes it annoying for the reader to read the text.
  4. Most of them are making Antisemitic canards against Jewish people as well as overusing the Antisemitic cartoon, the le Happy Merchant.
  5. It’s founder, Scottie Spencer, got arrested for writing Neo-Nazi phrases in chalk in Youngstown, Ohio. He wrote an article trying to defend himself from the crime, claiming that it was ‘free speech’.
  6. Ironically they deny the existence of the Holocaust, yet they're advocating for a mass genocide of Jews, which was the Holocaust in a nutshell.
  7. They also share similarities with the antisemitic website The Daily Stormer; they are against Jews, African Americans, Latinos and other minorities.
  8. They also support the PizzaGate conspiracy even though it was already debunked.
  9. This website claims that Israel and Jews are responsible for the rise of Islamic Terrorists as well as the "funding" of both Al Qaeda and ISIS which are not true, as most terrorist groups are antisemitic.
  10. This website is also responsible for anti-israeli sentiment in the United States.
  11. They even claim that the Jews run the Governments, Banks and everything, which doesn't make sense at all.
  12. Their claims against the Israel, it's People, Jews and everything are most of them are Questionable and extreme-right bias.
  13. They also once supported Donald Trump but now it backed down because this website claims that he's a globalist and he supports Israel.
  14. Speaking of Globalist, they use this word as an anti-semitic insult as well as Zionist becoming an antisemitic slur/insult without knowing the meaning of the ideology for supporting Israel either a Jewish or non-Jewish.