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SiteJabber is a web review site to find trustworthy sites and to avoid scam sites.

Why Their Business Is Rotten

  1. They remove many bad reviews on some sites and remove many good reviews on other sites, usually without warning, something that people complained about.
  2. There are a massive amount of fake reviews and they never do anything about those reviews.
  3. They even post some fake reviews on small business websites and demand money to remove most of the negative reviews.
  4. So many reviews that are outright lying and are unreliable on this site and people even mark them as "helpful".
  5. The community can sometimes be more toxic than TrustPilot at certain topics.
    • However, the community can sometimes be better than TrustPilot at another topic.
  6. The goal of rating sites that are scams or malicious seems to be drifted off and seems more of a generic company rating site, with the problem that companies don't like bad rating because they directly affect their image.
  7. They actually think that the site is a T-shirt site and no, this isn't a joke! Go to this page to see it yourself.
  8. They made a review on they're own website saying that is good which is ironic since the website has fake reviews.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The ability to review sites is an awesome concept but executed poorly just like TheTopTens.
  2. Its userbase is also not as bad as TheTopTens as well.