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The sole reason why thots are so successful.

"It's kind of sad now that you're not allowed to compliment women online, and when they're already under constant barrage and bullying on the internet, now people aren't allowed to be nice to women, it's kind of f*cked up... THAT'S WHAT A SIMP WOULD SAY! Pathetic."


Simps (acronym for Sucker Idolizing Mediocre Pussy[1]) is a term used to describe males who have an unhealthy obsession towards a certain woman on the internet.[2]

Why They're Rotten

  1. The biggest problem with them is that they worship a certain girl on the internet to a very unhealthy extent, mostly e-girls on Twitch, which leads to all of the problems listed below.
  2. Many of them stalk the girl they're obsessed with to a creepy extent, with the ones that actually meet them IRL acting like creeps, much to the discomfort of the girl.
  3. On that topic, some of them ask the girl they worship for inappropriate stuff like dating them or nudes. Those who do ask this kind of stuff believe it's perfectly fine because of how much they support the e-girl, showing that they're delusional.
  4. Some of them go as far as to donate thousands of dollars to the girl they obsess over, with some even donating all of their money.
  5. A lot of them are attention seekers, which is why they donate such large amounts of money.
  6. Many of the Twitch staff is composed of them, which is why e-girls are rampant on the platform.
  7. Even if they get criticized and belittled by the girl they worship, they will still support said girl as seen with InvaderVie.
  8. They have a tendency to throw their own friends under the bus in favor of the e-girl they're worshiping.
  9. Some of them can be sexual predators.
  10. A ton of them can't take any form of criticism, whether it be towards themselves or towards the e-girl they're worshiping. For example, they will falsely accuse those who criticize the e-girl they worship of considering the e-girl "ugly", even if their criticism had nothing to do about the e-girl's looks.
  11. Their reactions to finding out the e-girl they worship is in a relationship are terrible, which ranges from them raging like children to no longer supporting the e-girl.
    • The latter goes to prove the points above that they are only supporting them for attention and/or getting in a relationship with them
    • For example, there is this guy named Marcel Johnson, who was simping on this girl named Zoe Velasco since 2016, and this year he found out that she was dating someone else, his reaction? he freaked out and sent his fanbase after the person, and he even sent a threat to RAPE Zoe!


Memology 101's playlist dedicated to criticizing simps.



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