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A shock site is a website that is intended to be offensive or disturbing to its viewers. They contain material of high shock value, generally of NSFW/NSFL or otherwise provocative nature. Some shock sites display a single picture, animation, video clip or small gallery, and are circulated via email or disguised in posts to discussion sites as a prank.


  1. Meatspin: a site that shows two men engaging in sexual activity by spinning with their penis, uncensored. Yes, really.
  2. 2 Girls 1 Cup: an another site that shows a video about Two girls LICKING THEIR OWN CRAP IN A CUP! WHY!?!
  3. Offended: a webpage on Encyclopedia Dramatica contains we mean many, highly NSFW/NSFL images.
  4. Goatse

Why Many Of Them Are Very Rotten

  1. They're designed to ruin your appetite and/or sanity.
  2. There sites are displayed with various, highly shocking content, involving pornography, dead people, gore, mutilation, diseases, unborn babies, cannibalism, trypophobia.
    • Even worse, the Harlequin-type ichthyosis, which could be scary.
  3. Some sites may contain viruses that could harm your computer.
  4. According to Best Gore, Mark Marek was arrested and charged under Canada's obscenity law with corrupting public morals. and followed with hosting of a video which showed a real-life murder being committed by Luka Magnotta. the infamous "1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick" shock video.[1]


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