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Screen Rant
Screen Rant.jpg
You'll rant about how much clickbait they make.
Type of site: Top 10 Videos
Language: English
Owner: Valnet, Inc.
Date of launch: 2003
Status: Active

Screen Rant is a YouTube channel and a website that is part of ThePremium, a series of websites/channels that covers pop culture (video games, TV shows, and movies).

Why They're Rotten

  1. They produce a ton of Clickbait Videos.
  2. Bad editing across all of their videos.
  3. They frequently overuse images of Riley from Inside Out in their video thumbnails, to the point where it's an obsession.
  4. From 2014 to 2016, they kept making "Adult Joke" videos over and over again, which always had the same jokes, mostly the Frozen "foot size" joke.
  5. They heavily pander towards SJWs.
  6. They mocked Asians in the thumbnail of the video "10 Popular Cartoon Rip Offs That Actually Exist".
    • Also, the "knock-off" is actually a YouTube parody, not a Chinese ripoff.
  7. They often make videos and articles about subjects they clearly know nothing about and do little-to-no research.
  8. Like the other channels owned by ThePremium, their thumbnails often steal art from other users without credit.
  9. They're addicted to Disney and other popular animated properties.
  10. Terrible and lazy animation parodies of movies with jokes similar to Netflix's Big Mouth. ("Coincidence? I think not!" - Bernie, The Incredibles)
  11. They constantly make whiny blogs for a little-to-no reason at all.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most of their videos are very informative.
  2. The pitch meetings are super funny.





4 months ago
Score 2
Their whining is very fucking annoying!


4 months ago
Score 2
F O O T S I Z E D O E S N ' T M A T T E R


3 months ago
Score 0
Finding ScreenRant's flaws is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

The Autistic Raccoon

2 months ago
Score 0
I hate those "Adult Jokes in kids shows/movies" videos.


one month ago
Score 0

Well, I just came across one of their articles about Nickelodeon shows, and they claim that the cartoon Madeline aired on there.

Madeline aired on Disney Channel, not Nickelodeon. They didn’t even bother doing any research.

Aokami The Legend

7 hours 31 minutes ago
Score 0
Also During the unfortunate passing of the black panther actor chadwick boseman.Screen Rant Milked His Death


6 hours 14 minutes ago
Score 0

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