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Gothnebula (Samantha).png
"I had Autism" Yeah but that does not excuse your ego and failed to improve as a person.
Also known as: GothNebula
StarNebula (Twitter)
Nebula the Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Domain: Youtube

Samantha who is known online as GothNebula is an American fanartist, particularly the Sonic franchise. She is well known for her fan character, Nebula the Hedgehog. She is infamous of demonizing Sally Acorn in favor of her Sonamy shipping, something quite common to most Sonamy fans who write fanfiction stories of said pairing.

Why She's Rotten

  1. While its fine for her to dislike a character, the huge problem is she likes to demonize Sally Acorn in favor of the infamous Sonamy shipping.
  2. Her OC Nebula the Hedgehog is a Mary Sue as she can do everything like healing. Something that every Sonic character cannot do.
    • Her fanfiction is poorly written and stolen from other stories in films.
    • Dumbsville even compared her fanfiction to FANT4STIC as both that and her fanfiction is just infodumping and her characters has no chemistry at all.
  3. She can't take criticism as if anyone criticized her, she will overreact to criticism.
    • Not only that but she a example of her using the "I had *Insert Mental Illness*" as a excuse of not taking criticism. As she used a girl who had Autism killed herself due to a bully as a reason for not taking criticism. Seriously, mental illnesses and suicide are a serious matter and should not be as a excuse for your behavior.
  4. She is also a hypocrite, as she accused other users of not being original when writing fanfiction. Yet she not being original and admitting she take other stories for her fanfiction.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her art is decent though she like to repeat the same pose and is really uncanny.
  2. She thankfully tone down the Sally hate nowadays.



  • She has Autism which explain why her behavior is like this. This does not excuse her however.




2 months ago
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I never liked her, but unfortunately I have a friend who likes her, but I am fine with his opinion, but I think he shouldn't support her.

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