Sam Biddle

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Sam Biddle
Sam biddle.png
Do you even believe the things you say!?
Real name: Sam Faulkner Biddle
Also known as: The most hated journalist in the bay area
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: Gawker
The Intercept

Sam Faulkner Biddle is an American technology journalist. He is a reporter for The Intercept, and was formerly a senior writer at Gawker, the editor of the news website Valleywag, and a reporter at Gizmodo.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He has a huge habit of making jokes in poor taste.
  2. Advocates highly of animal cruelty. Such as claiming they cannot be mistreated and they feel no harm.
    • He has even threatened to either poison or feed a dog chocolate. And has compared kicking them to kicking rocks.
  3. He has even been promoted due to his toxic behavior while at Gawker.
  4. Encourages doxxing, and he has also doxed a user online in twitter.
  5. He frequently insults people who visit any of his blogs.
  6. The articles he creates are poor quality and clickbait types of it as well. Such as creating an article of how babies are cute. While linking pro-ISIS accounts on twitter.
  7.  Huge anti-GamerGate supporter.
    •  His most infamous tweets are in regards to anti-GG, where he claims that GamerGate proves that "nerds should be constantly shamed and degraded into submission", and that people should "bring back bullying". This resulted in GG supporters targeting Gawker in Operation Disrespectful Nod and cost the company "7 digits worth of damage". Most ridiculously of all, even after all the damage he's caused, Gawker did not fire him. 
  8. Shames anyone online.
  9. Extremely hypocritical. He asked Ted Cruz for material to use to run smear campaigns against Trump despite differing politics.