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Le Salon le plus raciste que vous ayez jamais vu ! (The most racist Living Room you've never seen!)

Salon is an American news and opinion website, created by David Talbot in 1995 and currently owned by the Salon Media Group. It focuses on US politics, culture, and current events from a politically "progressive", liberal or Left-wing perspective.

Why It Sucks

  1. Like several other 'left-wing' or slowly-converted centrist-wannabe websites, Salon had gone full SJW/feminazi[1] and became more regressive than progressive.
  2. Like several "left-wing" websites since the 2016 election, they have been increasingly doing pro-Democratic Party propaganda. They even promote attacking other left-wingers who vote for other left-wing candidates, as well as parties who aren't Democrats or dare to question the Democratic establishment.
  3. Extremely racist.[2][3][4][5][6]
  4. They're highly defensive of pedophiles, and later on secretly deleted pro-pedophilia articles to cover their tracks. [7][8][9] In fact when caught they even blamed it on old management and they even attacked critics who were calling out against them.
  5. Blame Donald Trump for everything, even for the accidental bombing of a Syrian hospital (which happened when Barack Obama was still President).[10]
    • They also encourage violence directed at Trump and his supporters.[11]
  6. Cherry-picked James Damore's statements to make him look sexist.[12]
  7. It's said that they cryptojack their readers' CPUs to mine for Monero.[13]
  8. Encourages the "Us VS Them" ideology (see 2.).[14]
  9. Unappeasable audience; they've once called to make Magneto in X-Men black and "get real about race", completely ignoring that Magneto is a Holocaust survivor.[15]
  10. Stuck to the usual lie that criticism directed at Ghostbusters (2016) is based on sexism.[16]
  11. Blatantly biased against GamerGate,[17][18] and they've even tried to paint the movement as the "fascists" behind Trump's success in the presidential campaign.[19]
  12. They insulted those who are part of nerd culture. And they blamed gamergate for Donald Trump being the president.
  13. In February 2018, it was noted that Salon was preventing readers using ad blockers from seeing its content. Such users are offered a choice of disabling their blocker, or allowing Salon to run an in-browser script, using the user's resources, to mine Monero, a form of cryptocurrency.
  14. They defended Sarah Silverman's "sorry, it's a boy" advertisement, calling those who criticize it "dudebros".[20]
  15. They blamed Donald Trump for ruining American's sex lives.
  16. They mocked the Pope for defending the right for children to not have to go through transgender surgery.
  17. They encourage violence against white people.
  18. To defeat Trump according to them is to open borders freely.
  19. They called David Bowie a proto Bruce Jenner.
  20. They blamed Conservatives for the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
  21. The rise of mass shootings according to them was from American Exceptionalism.
  22. They attacked ESPN for being balanced and factually objective.
  23. Ironically they blamed a mosque fire on anti-Muslim violence which was not part of the case.
  24. They selectively edited footage of Milo Yiannopoulos verbally obliterating reporter Amanda Marcotte in a failed attempt to embarrass him and show the world his “true colours” as a thin-skinned bully
  25. On September 14, they ran a column attempting to discredit numerous aspects of America’s gun heritage, especially the contention that our Founding Fathers intended an armed citizenry to be a check against a tyrannical government.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Despite all their nonsense and agenda pushing, at least they're not against free speech mostly.[21]




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