Sabotage of The Fine Young Capitalists

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The sabotage of The Fine Young Capitalists is a series of online attacks directed at the charity group known as The Fine Young Capitalists pulled off by Zoë Quinn and her various supporters in 2014. The event ended with most of the damage TFYC suffered undone by 4chan and Reddit users and the birth of the site's respective mascots.

What is the Fine Young Capitalists?

TFYC is a charity group (some will call it a support group) built on the mission of introducing more women and minorities to the video game industry. They have organized a Game Jam event with a simple objective: a group of women will pitch their various ideas for a video game, whoever came up with the best idea will get a team of programmers who will develop the game for her. 8% of the royalty will be rewarded to the winner while most of the rest will be donated to efforts fighting colon cancer.

Enter Zoë Quinn

Zoë Quinn is a Literally Who that has managed to gain a ton of attention (both good and bad) during the GamerGate controversy. Even before the biggest controversy of her life, she was picking fights left and right, attempting to shut down other support and charity projects (such as the Polaris Game Jam) in an attempt to direct additional money towards her own projects. The most well-known of these various sabotages is no doubt her clash with TFYC, which happened to be competing with Quinn's own Rebel Jam.

Zoë Quinn will go on and use her various connects in the gaming press to attempt to shut down the event and directed numerous DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks at the TFYC site as well as doxxing the charity's founders and supporters. Quinn bashed the event as "misogynistic" because she claimed that the event forces women to work for free, even though the event was designed for women who had little to no programming experience and those who participate only needs to pledge an idea.

TFYC's transgender policy.

Quinn also tried to paint the event as "transphobic" due to its regulations on transgender people (see image). Even though the rules were set in order to prevent men from lying about their sexual identity to gain access while "being inclusive to people that don't have documentation".

Because of Quinn's much-publicized accusations that they were exploitative, combined with the DDoS attacks, many of TFYC's financiers began to pull out and the group struggled to find any coverage for their project from gaming news outlets, any outlet (such as TechRaptor, Game Nosh and n4G) who are willing to listen to TFYC's story were punished for doing so.[1] Zoë Quinn, together with her supporter Maya Kramer, celebrated the "killing an exploitative startup's website".

4chan & Reddit to the Rescue

4 tweets? Yeah, right!

In early August 2014, TFYC attempted to contact Quinn and Maya to resolve the issue and even offered Quinn a paid consultation position, but they received no reply.[2] Feeling desperate, Matthew Rappard, a TFYC supporter, posted his story on Reddit,[3] which gained massive amounts of attention. When faced with criticism, Zoë Quinn dismissed them with demonstrably false claims that she had only made "4 tweets" about them and that she had been ambivalent.

However, a group of 4chan users caught sight of TFYC's plight and saw a perfect opportunity, they went across various imageboards. spreading the story and soliciting donations in an attempt to crowdfund enough cash to bail out TFYC.

Their mission was a success and eventually donated over $60,000 to charity and, by all accounts, saving TFYC's project from total failure. Because of their major contribution, the 4chan users were allowed to create a character that would appear in the game that won TFYC's game jam. The result is Vivian James (a play on video/vidya games), who'd become GamerGate's mascot.

Reddit would similarly perform their own fundraising operation in an attempt to bring in additional funding, their mission also resulted in success and the creation of their own mascot character, Gilda Mars. Both Gilda and Vivian were featured in TFYC's winning project, Afterlife Empire. It has gone on to have generally positive reviews and is generally considered a fun casual budget title.

The "Cathedral of Misogyny"

So, a cult of misogyny, whose members are mostly women. In SJWs' words, they are "gender traitors".

Of course, something that went against Zoë Quinn will never come without commentary from SJWs, Patricia Hernandez, a Kotaku clickbait writer with a severe case of cronyism and friend of Zoë Quinn, complained about how TFYC is getting financed by "misogynists" (yep, misogynistic for going against ONE WOMAN). Another associate of Quinn's, Ariel "MissAngerist" Connor went on to refer to 4chan as a "Cathedral of Misogyny". Anita Sarkeesian will also attempt to smear TFYC and its backers, claiming that "no respectable charity would take money from 4chan".

What makes these statements even worse is that the majority of TFYC's royalty will go to the combating of cancer, meaning that to these "feminists", their own dignity matters more than the lives of thousands of cancer patients.




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