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You can kiss logic and facts goodbye!

Social Justice Wiki is a "Wiki" about "intersectional social justice". It was said to be founded by people who consider RationalWiki too "fact based" and not "feeling based" enough.

Why It's so Rotten

  1. Being a site that's not only ran, but also ENTIRELY ABOUT Social Justice Warriors, means that one can hardly find anything thing that is NOT based on their ideology or their extremely fragile feelings.
  2. It's ran by Wesley "Laurelai" Bailey, who is infamous for her erratic and abusive behaviour.
  3. They are, predictably, anti-GamerGate. Even more ridiculously, they stuck to Jonathan McIntosh's preposterous claim that GG's color scheme is based on a "rape joke".
  4. They literally consider everything offensive and put up "trigger warning" banners all over the place.
  5. Being a "safe space" that Social Justice Warriors desperately need, it's VERY easy to get banned for extremely petty things, arguing will definitely lead to a ban since it will most likely be labeled as "mansplaining".
  6. They seldom respect facts, for example, they once claimed that Christina Hoff Sommers has written a piece for A Voice For Men (which they considered misogynistic because, according to them, all men are misogynistic), despite the fact that the piece they mentioned was written by Sommers for Time and and later reposted on AVFM.
  7. According to them, criticizing Anita Sarkeesian is misogyny.
  8. They often label completely normal things as "problematic", for example: they claim using the word "sex" is so because it "support the existence of gendered biologies".
  9. Anti-science, see above.
  10. Many articles are stubs that contains only a couple of sentences.
  11. Double standards: To them, misogyny is always an issue. Misandry, however, is only a silencing technique.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. It can give insight on how Social Justice Warriors think.