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Control freak extraordinaire.

Ryulong (sometimes stylized as Ryulóng, Řÿūłóñġ or 琉竜, real name Micheal Dustin Cohen) is an infamously corrupt and aggressive bullying former Wikipedia editor. Ryulong is known for abusing his power on nearly every wiki he appears on to make sure that his opinions trump over all others’. Anyone so much as disagree with him will receive harassment, verbal attacks or even bans of indefinite times from him. He first came to attention of Kiwi Farms and Lolcow Wiki over his nigh-autocratic control over various Sentai articles on Wikipedia.

According to Ryulong, his username was created when he was 13 with the help of a friend, and its meaning came from the Japanese and Chinese meaning of dragon (both “琉” and “竜” are pronounced as “(r)yu” in Japanese and “竜” is dragon in both Japanese and ancient Chinese). Those who mocked them gave him nicknames such as “Double Dragon” and “DragonDragon”.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He believes that his administrator's position was not only to help moderating, but to enforce his viewpoint on others.
  2. He is obsessed with his work, sometimes watching over “his” articles for hours, or even days at a time.
  3. He cannot take the slightest form of disagreement, he will aggressively edit and revert any changes done to “his” articles that didn't pass his extremely sensitive standards, spam AIV (Administrator Intervention against Vandalism) reports and sanction any user as he sees fit.
  4. He's also a petulant jerk who attacks newbie contributors over minor mistakes.
  5. He developed a time-consuming, but insidious trick that enabled him to revert other users' edits without being detected by the database by overloading the system with edit attempts, making it possible to surreptitiously get around fact that Wikipedia logs all entries and edits made — since the site can only handle a limited number of 25 edit attempts at a time. So, by causing an edit conflict glitch using 26 sockpuppet accounts, Ryulong can make any edit he wants without anyone knowing.
  6. He treats Wikipedia like his personal possession and openly violates the site's term of use so that he can enforce his ideology. Once he deleted an article, that had survived an AFD review and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.
  7. He's extremely biased against *chan culture and blocked several attempts to update the Media's portrayal of 4chan and notable events that the likes of 4chan were involved with.[1]
  8. The full capacity of how corrupt Ryulong had the potential to be came to light when the GamerGate Controversy broke out. According to leaked Crash Override Network logs, Ryulong had been directly taking orders from Zoë Quinn and her minions to edit the page on GamerGate to make sure that it's nothing, but an attack piece. And to his credit, he did his job really well: his work accounted for roughly one fifth of all edits to the Wikipedia article on GamerGate. He wound up making over 1,150 edits to the article before he was finally sanctioned. He also actively pushed to keep anything remotely critical of his cohorts off their Wikipedia articles, and blacklist or ban anyone, who pushed too hard against his attempts. It got so bad that Jimbo Wales, editor-in-cheif of Wikipedia, had to ask Ryulong personally to cease his agenda pushing.
    1. When people called him out for his obvious bias, Ryulong actually bragged about it and used all kinds of excuses to defend himself such as “he had to do it because GG forced him to do it”.
    2. When it was revealed that Ryulong was financially supported by the GamerGhazi subreddit, he was banned from editing anything related to GG or gender-controversy, but that didn't stop him from using sockpuppet accounts to continue his editing wars. When Wikipedia found out about that, they decided to ban him completely.[2] Even that didn't stop Ryulong from using his friends and an IP spoofer to continue his shenanigans.
  9. After being banished from Wikipedia, Ryulong relocated himself to RationalWiki. And to no one's surprise, his behavior hadn't improved for a bit and continued to harass and bully other users, fighting over Gamergate pages and even a My Little Pony page. This behavior was so bad that even the moderators got fed up with him and banned him in December 2015[3].

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  1. Videmus Omnia's chatlog


  • 琉 actually has no meaning of "dragon" in both Japanese and Chinese, therefore a more accurate way to present Ryulong's user name is 竜龙, or 竜龍.
  • Ryulong actually attempted to apply for administrator position for 3 times. His first RFA (request for administratorship) was turned down after multiple opposers brought up evidence of him abusing SysOp privileges despite not actually being one yet, and his second RFA (filed in 2 months later) met the same fate due to opposers outnumbering supporters. He only managed to become an admin due to a rigged election.
  • Ryulong also had participation on the Japanese Wikipedia but the latter found his shoddy translation skills intolerable.





13 months ago
Score 5
Looks like Ryulong's entire adulthood was spent on Wikipedia articles. That alone shows how much of a loser he is when he should just go outside and interact with real people in the real world instead.


11 months ago
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I hope this jerk got fired and terminated from the entire internet.


11 months ago
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Why is he considered former?


7 months ago
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So that he'll have to go to the Dark Web?


2 months ago
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someone needs to put the link for the Wikipedia gamergate article

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