Ryan Burke

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Ryan Burke
"Tracing is not a joke." Yeah, neither is your "content." But not as bad as MaSTAR Media
Real name: Ryan Burke
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: YouTube

Ryan Burke (born: November 5, 1997 [age 23]), better known online as DaftPina, is an American YouTuber who specializes in critiquing other types of content and styles of artwork, sometimes even other YouTubers themselves.

Bad Qualities

  1. To start with, he takes tracing way too seriously. He treats as if it was the worst thing to happen on the internet and continuously demonizes it. In fact, he believes any person who traces, whether the person gives credit or not, is desperate and horrible.[1]While criticizing tracing isn't bad since it is art theft, he does take it too seriously through many reasons below:
    • He even believes drawing screenshots of cartoon characters are considered "tracing."
    • Over half of his recent videos are about tracers.
    • As a matter of fact, if he finds one YouTuber or user who traced, he automatically makes a video about it with another person on Discord, meaning he witch-hunts people.
  2. He tries too hard to demonize good YouTubers by "exposing" him by a-logging them about stuff they did in the past, like TheOdd1sOut, Alex Myers, Quinton Reviews, FootofaFerret, and Chipflake.
    • Also, it's only the popular YouTubers he talks about, and not other infamous users like Strawberry Milk and Jade.
  3. If you make a video talking about how you got over suicide or having an eating disorder, he will automatically call you a clout chaser without proof.
    • In fact, he called Jaiden an "attention whore" all because she made a video where she addressed her eating disorder.
  4. His Hazbin Hotel review is horrendous. He believes that the pilot is just "wasted potential" and that everything about looks cheap and ugly when it was actually praised by fans for its designs. The reason why he didn't like the pilot was that it felt like it was introducing the characters more than the story, which is the entire point of a pilot episode.
    • Also, it's only a pilot. The series hasn't even begun yet and there could still be potential.
  5. And speaking of Hazbin Hotel, he made a animated show called "Saturdays Off" but FAILED COMPLETELY.
    • The backgrounds are extremely unfitting for the artstyle of the characters, looking disjointed and awkward.
    • Speaking of the artstyle, it could use some great improvement.
    • Subpar character design that uses extremely similar models looking like they were from the same base. (Yet he said Hazbin had too similar character designs, when they were more diverse, especially with the background characters).
    • The dialogue is extremely monotone and boring, and it makes the cartoon very unengaging and tedious.
    • Animation is poorly done and very stiff, stilted with cheap shortcuts being used as well.
    • Overall, it feels more like a chill or boring talk show more than a cartoon. It is forgettable, bland and very monotonous.
    • It is best put as "I can't believe the irony is lost on you here with how oblivious this cartoon is to the tropes you yourself critique animation for.", quoted by Drake Dragsaw.
  6. He told ChillyPanda to stop drawing all because she was bad at it.
  7. Like Pkrussel, he keeps giving the animation community a bad name, which to the point where his fans actually bash on them for being "cringy." This is cyberbullying.
  8. Whenever he contacts people on Discord, he makes it vague with them, basically ruining stuff that could actually make it good for him like Cosmodore being a pedophile.
  9. Basically, in a nutshell, if one YouTuber does something he doesn't agree with, he automatically makes a rant video out of it.

Good Qualities

  1. He called out Antoons for his behavior on social media.
  2. While he takes tracing too seriously he does had a good point of why tracing is not great.
  3. He also called out Quinton Reviews on some of his actions. See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD5rhsCEI9k
  4. While he does try too hard to demontize good Youtubers, he sometimes make good points on some of their flaws like TheOdd1sOut: Hidden Hypocrisy.
  5. His editing is good.



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