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Ryan's World
Ryan's World.png
Oh Ryan, when will your parents stop spoiling you?
Profile: Ryan's World
Style: Variety
Date Joined: March 16, 2015
Facebook: ryantoysreview
Other Media: Instagram
No. of videos: 1.9K+
Schedule: Daily
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 28M+

"Welcomes to Ryan Toy Review!"

Ryan introducing his channel in his earlier videos.

Ryan's World (formerly Ryan ToysReview) is a YouTuber. It mainly involves a kid named Ryan and his family that usually do reviews on toys. So far, they have over 28M subscribers.

Why They Suck

  1. It is clear that they only make videos to milk the channel as much as possible, as they cannot go one day without making videos. They sometimes upload multiple videos in one day.
  2. Lots of unlikable characters:
    • The father lacks any personality whatsoever, and he's one of the main characters. Also, he's treated like a butt-monkey.
    • The franchise's animated characters - mostly Combo Panda and Gus The Gummy Gator, are also unlikable.
    • Combo Panda is also overused while the other characters are often neglected.
    • Emma and Kate, Ryan's younger sisters, are sometimes ignored.
    • Alpha Lexa, yet another animated character from the channel, acts like a brat who only cares about her life, even going as far as being an enemy to Combo Panda. Not to mention, her voice is also extremely irritating.
    • Robo Combo Panda, another animated character is nothing but a robotified Combo Panda that the channel created with the sole intention of being a filler character, because back in 2019, Combo Panda's channel was taken over with this impostor for 2 days after the character won against Combo in a Roblox game. Even after the takeover, the character is still around today, as playing with the real Combo Panda in VTubers and as a villain in both the franchise and the Super Spy Ryan special, making him the Dry Bowser/Metal Mario of the Ryan's World franchise, Though he is not as bad as the follow up.
    • Moe the Monster, one of the animated characters, is the worst offender. He looks like a Yo Gabba Gabba! reject. To add salt to the wound, he speaks gibberish that is so annoying and loud, it will make you wish your were deaf.
    • Big Gil the Shark, one of the animated characters, is generic and has no personality other than being a sporty teenage shark.
    • Peck the Penguin, yet another one of the animated characters, is another butt-monkey of this channel because Combo Panda treats him like garbage. And the sad thing is that he's the only likable character in the channel.
  3. Some of their videos have toilet or gross-out jokes.
  4. The original songs made by the family have repetitive lyrics and grating vocals. Their body parts music video is one of the worst offenders.
    • They also tend to overuse nursery rhymes as music.
  5. They often clickbait, as shown from their 24 hours in a swimming pool challenge. Most of the video is just Ryan and the family being in the house with only 10 minutes of them actually being in the pool, and the video itself was about 35 minutes long. Even worse, it's a compilation video in disguise.
    • One of their worst examples is "No More Ryan's ToysReview", suggesting this one of those "leaving YouTube" clickbait videos. However, this is just an announcement video about them changing their channel name to Ryan's World. They could have just called it "Our Channel Is Changing" and it would have had the same effect.
  6. Like Morgz, Ryan's face is lazily pasted on their thumbnails.
  7. They try way too hard to be hip and cool, such as this video, that combines the fidget spinner trend and 3:00 a.m. Videos.
    • They even uploaded a video with the bottle flipping challenge in 2020, way past the challenge's prime. Also, it's another clickbait video, as they claim to do challenges based on the gameshow "Minute to Win It", when there's no timer in the video.
    • Also, they are supposed to be educational, yet on the VTubers channel, they upload videos on Fortnite, despite it having no educational value. Also, it's not a family friendly game.
  8. PocketWatch, the company who operates the channel, pretty much abuses the success of Ryan's channel, by outright making it into a dedicated franchise, with merchandise like:
    • A dedicated TV show called Ryan's Mystery Playdate, where it teaches kids nothing at all other then puzzle-solving, much like P. King Duckling.
    • It even copies the three clues formula from Blue's Clues, just like Sesame Street's Journey to Ernie. He even flosses in the theme song in another shameful attempt to be hip with the kids (which was THANKFULLY later removed in season 3.). He even dabbed twice in “Ryan’s Handy Playdate”. The show premiered in 2019, when the dance was invented in 2013, so what was their excuse here?
    • Season 4 of Mystery Playdate (retitled "Ryan's Mystery Playdate: Command Center") changed the formula up a bit, adding in animated segments and clips from past episodes.
    • A mini movie called "Super Spy Ryan", released on Amazon Kids+ in 2020.[1]
    • His own racing game for actual game consoles, not an app game, an actual console game. No joke. The game itself is very bad.
    • A new game is also in development.
    • As for app games, they're just generic endless runners and bubble pop games. The latter was based on Mystery Playdate.
    • PocketWatch even managed to get Carl's Jr. and Hardee's to release toys for their kid's meals based on them.
    • His own toy line, and one of their most expensive toys which goes for $90 USD, is a giant surprise egg but is filled with nothing more than dollar-store junk! If you got 90 dollar store items, it would make no difference.
    • He even has his own subscription service, filled with STEM toys.
    • He has his own streaming channel, called "Ryan and Friends", which combines his channel and other channels owned by Pocket Watch, like MarMar and Jason Vlogs.
    • He got his own Build-A-Bear plushies of his own characters Combo Panda and Gus The Gummy Gator.
    • In 2020, Ryan even managed to get his own balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as "Red Titan", becoming the first YouTuber to get a balloon in the parade.
    • He even also got his own ROBLOX game, which is another Mario Kart clone.
  9. They even re-upload videos that are years old just to get money. For example, this video that was released in 2021 obviously features a younger Ryan and their older branding.
  10. Laughable dialogue. An example would be when Combo Panda says "I need food before I play ROBLOX!".
  11. Recently, they have been accused by Truth of Advertising and the Federal Trade Commission of not properly disclosing their sponsored videos. Truth in Advertising has claimed that "Nearly 90 percent of the Ryan's ToysReview videos have included at least one paid product recommendation aimed at preschoolers, a group too young to distinguish between a commercial and a review."
    • One example is this video, which is an ad for Just Play's line of Puppy Dog Pals toys.
  12. Ryan's mother, Loann Guan was a criminal when she was 19 years old. She shoplifted $93 worth of clothes at a JCPenney store in Houston, Texas back on May 4, 2003, for real.
  13. The grammar in their video titles are ridiculously bad, such as “How much bacteria are on your laptop” and "Combo Panda escape from Ryan!", most likely to target younger kids.
    • Some of the videos themselves have spelling mistakes, like in the video, "Ryan and Fire vs Ice Queen Frozen House Part 2". An graphic shows up at the beginning of the video, saying "Ryan VS. the Evil Ice Queen Part 2". Also, the graphic looks like it was thrown together in iMovie.
  14. In the tournament videos on the VTubers channel, Ryan wins every single tournament, giving nobody else the chance to win.
  15. Also on the VTubers channel, a lot of the recent videos are just Ryan's family playing video games, making the animated characters pointless, even though a few of the characters for the franchise were created just for VTubers.
  16. Also, the animation for the VTubers is abysmal. It was done in Adobe Character Animator, so that might be a reason why.
    • The animation for Santa in this video is arguably even worse. At first, he's portrayed by a real actor (more specifically, the clip is stock footage from another app), but in 10 seconds time, his mouth is very poorly edited. The video is also another reupload, as a Wii Balance Board and Disney Infinity toys can be seen in the background.
  17. They claim to be "the best in children entertainment period" on their website, which is false.
  18. They make various errors in their videos, like in "Ryan doing Kamp Koral Spongebob's Under Years Challenge!!!", where it's stated at the beginning of the video that they have to do 5 challenges, but they only do 4.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It is child-friendly, and that's saying something. The channel at least doesn’t rely on inappropriate content unlike most other YouTubers.
  2. Ryan and his family (except for the aforementioned Loan Guan, Ryan's mom) are not bad people in real life, despite them spoiling Ryan.
  3. One of the reasons why they disabled comments prior to COPPA is so that the parents could prevent their son from seeing any nasty messages to him.
  4. His new icon is better, since it is better quality.
  5. They have somewhat steered away from toy videos for some time now, but their science experiment videos and pretend videos aren’t that much better.
  6. Some of the videos aren't that bad.
  7. Some videos can be nostalgic for some people.
  8. As mentioned on WTS #2, Peck the Penguin is the only likeable character, and he has a smoothing ASMR voice.



  • Ryan's mother quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher to work on the channel full-time.





one month ago
Score 1

I was gonna put the fact that Ryan flosses.

Overall, Ryan is overmilked.


29 days ago
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I remember putting that in the section that mentions Ryan's Mystery Playdate.


11 days ago
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Also, Ryan dabs in “Ryan’s Handy Playdate” TWICE, showing that the show is extremely pandering. If niche shows were still allowed on TTVSW, I’d make a page for the show.

Tony Li

one month ago
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I saw a lot of Ryan merch in Walmart (even though I'm not from America)


29 days ago
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Isn't this on Terrible TV Shows Wiki already?


28 days ago
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The page was moved to this wiki.


23 days ago
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20+ Million subs in 4 years doesn't mean it bots look at pewdiepie started in 2010 4 years later got 33+ Million subs and is not assumed to be botting while yes I still agree with the others about using bots


19 days ago
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This channel is more annoying than Bubsy.


19 days ago
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and so does it's own TV Show, "Ryan's Mystery Playdate".

Creeper guy

19 days ago
Score -4
The parents need to get out of that rotten company and give away their kid to an orphanage.


11 days ago
Score 5

That'd be too much, though.

He's a KID. That could TRAUMATIZE him, and that's a HUGE no-no!


11 days ago
Score 1
The poster child of overmilking.


6 days ago
Score 2
Ryan may be a fun kid to play with, but his channel, not so much.

The Dunkman

3 days ago
Score 1
At least FGTeeV only had a comic book and Merch unlike this YouTuber that mostly has EVERYTHING.


3 days ago
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3 hours 54 minutes ago
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Welcome to "don't freeze on this track"!

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