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Welcome to the Rotten Websites Wiki!
Websites that will make you cringe in pain...
In an ever-changing world, where the economy is so unpredictable; it's no surprise to see websites and the internet screw over their own userbases or go downhill with poor ideas. This wiki covers websites that are rotten as well as rotten moments in online history.
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Google+ - Google's failed attempt at creating their own social site, that was eventually closed down only a short time after its launch.
Elsagate - The ongoing controversy surrounding questionable content showing up on YouTube Kids.
The Sun - A British tabloid newspaper that is infamous for having staff members that are either Far-Left or even Far-Right, and they sided with Amber Heard, as well as posting fake news.
FANDOM - An online website business with low security that hates criticism.
The Mary Sue - A feminist entertainment news website that is extremely anti-GamerGate.
YouTube - The biggest video-sharing website that has since fallen low.
Salon - An American news and opinion website that like several other 'left-wing' or slowly-converted centrist-wannabe websites, Salon had gone full feminazi and became more regressive than pro.
Megaupload - A file-sharing site that had became the most well-known site to be seized by the FBI.
Common Sense Media - A website where parents with no common sense review media and rate it on how kid-friendly it is
Doxing - The action to steal other people's personal info and invading other's privacy.
Survey to download sites - A type of scam that had been popular in the late 2000s.
The Guardian - A British news website that panders to SJWs and defends pedophiles.
Yiff.Party - A now closed furry art site that was infamous for using a variety of artwork without crediting the artist, as well as having a poor design and a bad administrator.
GoNoodle (2015-present) - An educational website filled with lots of cringe.
Parler - A website that claims to allow free speech, yet they restrict it.
Viacom vs. YouTube - One of the biggest lawsuits over the Internet, valuing at one billion dollars.
New York Times - A news site from New York known for being firmly against free speech.
Vox Media - The company known for running terrible sites Polygon, The Verge, and Jezebel.
The Verge - A journalism website that uses clickbait and is infamous for its PC build guide video.
Filter avoidance - A practice on the Internet where people use proxies to get around restrictions, IP bans, and web filters.
BuzzFeed - A website notorious for it's reliance on clickbait and dumb ideas.
DashCon - An unofficial Tumblr convention that is considered one of the worst, if not THE worst convention ever.
OnlyFans - A subscription-based website where creators can get monetized that got surprisingly popular during COVID-19.
Instagram - A selfie website that is infamous for being infested with doxxers, bots, pedophiles, and zoophiles making it not a safe site for taking selfies.
Tumblr - The website that is overrun by social justice warriors and fanbase wars to the point that Zamii070 almost killed herself just because of her making a slender version of Rose Quartz.
TikTok - A video-sharing website infamous for being unfunny and starting bad trends
Vyond - An animation website that is infamous for spawning lots of grounded videos out of fictional characters.
Jesus IS Hitler - A website that is offensive to Christians and spread false news about Jesus. 404 Error - An error that played a big part in internet history.
Fundies Say The Darndest Things - A left-wing website that is infamous for being an echo chamber and doing unethical stuff.
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Baidu - A Chinese Google rip-off that is terribly flawed and responsible for a huge controversy thanks to its pay-for-placement search system.
HuffPost - A news website with liberal bias and clickbait.
Facebook - A platform that steal user information and YouTube videos and sell them.
Twitch - A live streaming website that is infamously infested with poor moderation and e-girls.
Metro International AG - A Swedish global media company based in Luxembourg that publishes the Metro newspapers that believe political correctness is a good thing.
Goop - A website run by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, that promotes and sells useless and dangerous produscts.
Zoombombing - The act of intruding a Zoom call and is never a good thing to do.
NFTs - A form of cryptocurrency that is essentially images but compressed in Bitcoin.
VICE - A news website that banned their female employees from speaking out.
Flying Colors Foundation - A "non-profit organization" that tried to make a new model for anime production that ended up being a scam.
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FANDOM (Full name: FANDOM powered by Wikia), formerly known as Wikia and Wikicities, is a wiki hosting service that was launched on October 18, 2004 by Jimmy Wales (also known as the co-founder of Wikipedia) and Angela Beesley Starling. The site is free of charge, but is for-profit and mainly derives that from advertising and selling content. FANDOM communities consist of online encyclopedias, each one specializing in a particular subject or theme, most of the popular fiction franchises of books, films, games, and other media. The main purpose of articles in a FANDOM community is to cover information and discussion on a particular topic in a much greater and more overall detail level than can be found on Wikipedia articles.


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  1. To qualify for an article on this wiki, a website/online business/internet culture must have either;
    • Terrible moderation and management.
    • Terrible updates that screw over their userbase.
    • Terrible business practices and poorly designed technologies.
    • A record of incidents including scandals, raids, ransom and breaches.
    • Negative impacts on the internet through censorship, excessive takedowns and encouraging toxicity.
    • Malicious tropes, such as scams, viruses, etc.
  2. Custom captions are allowed on these wikis now as long as they fit well with the pages but the main heading to use for each wiki page is "Why It/He/She Sucks", with "The Only Redeeming Quality" if there is just one redeeming quality (no alterations are allowed). However, it could be "Bad Qualites" or "Why Their Business Sucks" for any websites that are in the "Average" category. The latter must contain valid and detailed reasons; do your best to avoid
  3. As quality control begins to apply stronger than ever, check out the tutorial on how to create a page, before creating an article.
  4. NO imagery depicting malicious propaganda or explicit elements.
  5. Avoid posting personal information.
  6. Do not insult, harass or bully any users on this site, users violating this rule will be warned, and banned should he/she choose to ignore the warning.
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  10. Refrain from using profanity on pages unless it is used in a quote or is basically important. Swearing in the comments is fine as long as it isn't used to offend others.
  11. Never type way too much all-caps in pages for no good reason, as it makes pages look unprofessional. Using italics, bold text, or underlining is okay however, as long as it isn't overused.
  12. No criticism about a particular fanbase. The communities we discuss here are about internet culture and journalism.
  13. Do not go on these sites to attack it or harass its users.
  14. To any potential administrators: DO NOT delete any edit you consider inappropriate or of good quality (trolling and vandalism not included)! Try to negotiate or fix the edits first! Always assume good faith.
  15. Be as formal as possible when editing.
  16. You will always be able to argue about your ban on your message wall, unless what you did was unforgivable (doxxing, vandalism, as well as harassment, insulting and threatening even after multiple warnings issued).
  17. Be sure to check out websites such as DeepFreeze and GamerGate Wiki. For information before writing an article on any GamerGate boycotted website or journalist.
  18. Do not send foe requests to any users, as it will likely cause drama.
  19. If you want to create a Sandbox page, do not tag your sandbox page with categories, as they will not only clutter the categories, they are only for actual articles.
  20. Sandboxes can't be used to contain articles which aren't allowed on the wiki, or alternate, personal version of already existing articles because that is seen as an attempt to bypass the wiki's quality control and admin management; the purpose of sandboxes is only to work on pages in preparation of uploading them to the main namespace of the wiki.
  21. Please do not use anybody else's last names articles without their knowledge. Doing so will result in blocks being handed out. (Besides, we already received a warning from a Steward. We do not need a repeat of what happened, at all. NO EXCEPTIONS.)
  22. For admins, please do not delete comments, blogs, or talk pages that contain criticisms of the wikis, as it will make us look like we can't handle criticism.
  23. Do not add any categories to a blog, as that will only clog up the wiki. Expect a block for doing it again.
  24. Do not add the Good or Featured templates to pages without an admin's permission. Instead, nominate the article you think is worthy of one of the templates.
  25. Before you move a page, create a topic on what you think said page should be renamed to, so that you can see other users' thoughts on it, and whether they agree to it or not.
  • Anything that is already on the Fresh Websites Wiki: Self-explanatory.
  • IXL: Not rotten enough for the wiki. Just because it's "too hard" isn't good enough for the wiki.
  • Sites about healthy eating: Controversial reasoning. Also, they do have points about the effects of certain foods.
  • "For sale" sites: Beating a dead horse. Usually these are left behind after a site expires.
  • GDPR: It is a helpful internet privacy act.
  • Miraheze: It'd make the whole wiki ironic.
  • ISPs ignoring Spambots/Malware: Filter avoidance exists for a reason.
  • Any school filter: It's up to the school to determine how things are blocked/unblocked on their property, not us.
  • YouTube videos: To prevent clogging up the wiki.
  • TikToks: Would also clog up the wiki, plus it'd cause drama with whoever was involved in making these.
  • Any user or shared account: Same as YouTube videos, to prevent clogging up the wiki. Plus, they might cause drama.
  • Any group of people: Can often not necessarily apply to just the internet.
  • Anything that mainly has problems due to the site's userbase: Not really fair considering that this doesn't really affect the quality of the site, and plus, userbases are just as much of a drama-starting topic as fandoms and hatedoms.
  • Any wikis (FANDOM is the only exception due to it being a wiki hosting service): Would cause drama if an admin finds out their wiki is on this site, and don't really have much reception, leading the users making pages on wikis they hate.
    • Encyclopedia Dramatica: Related to wikis, despite it's controversy with doxxing and illegal material, it would just be troll feeding.
  • Companies and Organizations: While they may have a social media or website presence, most of their actions are done in the real world. Please place pages about companies here.
  • Fetish art: Would qualify as kink shaming.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Not rotten enough for the wiki, aside from vote-brigading.
No changes during the given period match these criteria.

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