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Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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Quick and Dirty!
a.k.a.: RPS
Type of site: Video game journalism
Language: English
Owner: Gamer Network
Date of launch: July 13, 2007
Status: Active

Rock, Paper, Shotgun (also known as RPS) is a UK-based blog operated by Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ltd and authored by Alec Meer, Jim Rossignol, Adam Smith, John Walker, and formerly also Kieron Gillen and Quintin Smith. It was launched on 13 July 2007 as an independent website for reporting on video games, primarily for personal computers, the site was acquired and brought into the Gamer Network, a network of sites led by Eurogamer, in May 2017; with this acquisition, Gillen and Rossignol will move on to other ventures, but all other staff will remain.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Took part in the Gamers Are Dead media blitz.
  2. Despite calling gamers entitled and bashing them one of their journalists John Walker was extremely salty for not receiving any review copies from publishers.
  3. It has its fair share of ethics issues.
    • First there's Alec Meer, he positively covered the game Redshirt, without disclosing that he was on friendly terms with the game's creator Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris. He'd also covered the game Volume twice. Volume was a customer of Agency for Games, a company owned and founded by a fellow journalist Leigh Alexander, who appears to have a friendly relationship with Meer and occasionally writes for RPS.
    • Next is Cara Ellison, who like Meer also positively covered Redshirt without disclosing her friendship with Mitu. Furthermore, she's also given similar treatments to Fullbright (creator of Gone Home) and Christine Love, who are both financially supporting her on Patreon. Ellison even made these tweets to Christine.
    • Philippa Warr had covered the game Sunset without disclosing her friendship with Leigh Alexander, who was involved in the game through her consulting company Agency for Games. She'd also written three times about Terry Cavanagh without disclosing their friendship.
  4. They took up an anti-GamerGate stance, censoring GG threads on their forums. They also blamed GG for mailing their advertisers and boycotting their site despite the fact that they are part of those who started the conflict in the first place.
  5. John Walker, the co-owner of the site.
    • He has his fair share of ethical problems, namely covering the games consulted by Leigh Alexander without disclosing his friendship with her.
    • He, despite being a game journalist, believes that using the word "gameplay" is problematic.
    • He also stated that "games should be delighted to include modes that remove all their difficulty and challenge", which kind of defeats the whole purpose of a game.
    • When a GG meet-up was disrupted by a bomb threat, Walker dismissed the event and claimed it wasn't worth covering.
    • John Walker is so stupid that he doesn't even know what the hell even goes on in his site gets published.
  6. They've also attacked Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Claiming that inclusiveness is more important than historical accuracy, even in a historical game.
  7. They bashed Cuphead for being "elitist garbage" ruining video games. They even support a skip gameplay option.
  8. They attacked Ubisoft for being apolitical.
  9. They got really pissed off for Kassandra being not the only hero of Assassin's creed odyssey.
  10. They can get pretty bigoted towards white people.
  11. They even attack an esports team for having YouPorn as their sponsors.
  12. One reporter mocked the entire Final Fantasy fanbase and even asked a very pro SocJus question to the point that even the developers like Yoshi P themselves were confused during a Final Fantasy XIV fan event.


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